Gravity Defyer Goes Nuts!

Gravity Defyer Ballistic

Things over at the up and coming footwear brand, Gravity Defyer are looking quite fertile judging by their latest line for the season. After sewing their seed in the market for better footwear designed with athletes in mind, we’re guessing the logo however was based off a quick sperm of the moment decision. Presentation is everything in business and while as this line may be full of promising technology and performance, its kind of hard for us to semen or women of a younger generation wearing these anytime soon.

If the shoe doesn’t subliminally make you think of bearing children, these babies bear a price tag of $130-$140! Is that reasonable for a lesser known brand or just plain nuts? We’re guessing the brand applied the most popular tactic of advertising failing product which is in their case – sex “c”ells. Much of this shoe is open for interpretation especially the logo so let us know what you think in the comments section.

Gravity Defyer Footwear

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  • SMH at their logo. Good stuff, Corey. I can’t wait to see what TokyoMike and 23edge have to say about these.

  • disr


  • Thanks G!
    Look Who’s Talking came to mind
    when I saw these lol
    This was better than I thought – thats what she said!


    Supa sp-er-er-rm. Air nut!

  • ShaQ

    Lmao aye these are fresh

  • Sneakers O’ Toole

    8===> ~o ~o ~o

  • LOL^^ pauseeeeeeee

  • Lol! The word play was hilarous in the write up.

  • Converse King

    You take one look at this shoe, and you JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS!

  • 4DRUMZ

    My thoughts exactly G-Roc… just waiting to see TM chime in on this one! This post will be a good read in a few hours… albeit not one for the kiddies I’m sure! So, get your 7th grade health class giggles on because these comments are going to rightfully get immature!

  • keylin tyree

    For sum reason the blk n red 1s look like the low top jordan 11s

  • @4DRUMZ – Well said my brother.

  • ATLien_Smoke

    “Goes Nuts”!! Then you see the Sperm logo, LMAO… Definitely went “nuts” alright!!!!

  • Gregs

    Copped! lol

  • solefix

    Yo instead of this being a regular post, it shoulda been a caption time post cuz i know everybody got something stupid to say…including me

  • Hye Style Kid

    solefix these werent gonna beat out the pic of cudi rocking the kilt lol wtf was they thinking someone must of had some serious inspiration kinda like from the movie theres something about mary lol

  • ATLien_Smoke

    You can tell these were a “Quickie”!!! Next release gonna be the Retro OG SPERMS’, “double the nutt”!

  • am95connoisseur

    I wonder when these are gonna COME out?????

  • am95connoisseur

    If gals wear these will they get PREGNANT???
    If they put CONDOMS on these joints they’ll be ALRIGHT.

  • am95connoisseur

    LOLOLOLOL @ SNEAKERS O’TOOLE – I just caught that…. ‘PAUSE’

  • am95connoisseur

    These shoes should be called AIR VIAGRAS

  • Hye Style Kid

    The name of the shoe says a whole lot too…….. Gravity Defyer…. to the window to the wall shoes

  • Blue cheese

    What the hell is going on son….LMAO! Skeet as a logo…disgusting!

  • MisterMcfly23

    releasing this “Labor Day”, the all new Gravity Skeet Skeet Skeet. the perfect gift for hoes, baby momma’s, porn stars, and anybody who’s ever appeared on The Maury Povich Show and for a limited time only the shoe cums complete with retro “Nut Rag”…

  • Converse King

    This shoe comes with an old gym sock.

  • the write up was hilariousssss the shoe itself is not horrible like for a gym/workout shoe…but the logo WOWWWWW

  • DunksonDeck – ATL

    Those are horrible. That is all that needs to be said.

  • am95connoisseur

    this shoe looks like an orthopedic shoe…..

  • am95connoisseur


  • Skeet Lows……SWEEEEEEEET!!!! I’ve been YEARNING for sneakers that represented my lifestyle choices, and by God, how can one deny these Man-Gravy covered Sketcher knock-offs?!?!?! Love em….I love em like I love any product with semen on it…and that’s ALOT OF LOVE DAMN IT!!!


  • “Ay….Ay, Did what’s his name get you them joints yesterday?”
    (chickenhead) “Who?”
    “Deez NUUUUUUTTTSSsss”
    (chickenhead) “Oh, f*#k you ni99a.”
    g-funk beat comes on……checky check, microphone check 1……

  • solefix

    Hye Style Kid lol word but these right here need some spermacidal lube

  • solefix

    LMAO semen on the side!!! hilarious

  • solefix

    Yo this is the Cation Time of the week cuz i bet the jokes are gonna keep comin

  • I’d much rather voluntarily register myself as a sex offender before I wear some skeet shoes.
    Better yet, I’d rock em wit a wife beater, spandex shorts, & a lollipop in my mouth on the way to the court house.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Hours later… this did not dissapoint! (uneasy silence)

  • wow…smdh…wtf were these people thinkin, viargra for the feet?…i wouldnt want to see a commercial for these with dudes jumpin harder, running harder, throwing harder, swinging harder, dunking harder…not a good look haha

  • S.H.I.T.- Sneaker Head In Training

    i could loc dogg from dont be a menace rockin these with the uzi

  • im waiting for the ribbed version, also will these be coated in spermicidal lubricant?

  • t-mann100

    These are the uglyest shoese i have ever seen….they are not worth over 10 dollars…these make fubu shoes look like jordans

  • am95connoisseur

    When is the ‘MILKY WHITE’ colorway dropping?????

  • THP

    We can have a mass debate on these shoes all night…I agree with am95connoisseur…Milky White w/ a icey…no, MILKY sole…

  • Nick Engvall

    Hilarious. Nice work Corey. You left out the XLR8 model though! hahaha

    Nike would have to sue them if they called them the Skeet Lows though, they unloaded those all over the US at Kohl’s.

    I am surprised there are no slip right in jokes yet lol

  • ^^I forgot….Nike does actually have a shoe called the “Skeet”…..I seen em on Zappo’s and laughed so hard I passed a kidney stone.

  • Can’t believe ya’ll hating on spermicidals… When you catch heads killn em’ you gonna be nuttin up…

  • haux

    They look like champion sneakers and they go for what? $100 less than these?

  • Hey glad you guys love the logo…any requests?