Greg Street’s Countdown To Sneaker Friends 2011 Top 8 at 8

Greg Street is preparing for his 6th annual Sneaker Friends event in Atlanta, GA. In his first promo effort for Sneaker Friends 2011, Greg Street presents the Top 8 at 8 sneaker countdown. The video was shot at Fly Kix and directed by AGS. Check out the video to see what kicks made Street’s the Top 8 at 8.

Sneaker Friends 2011 is June 5, 2011.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Eminem 4’s are supa dupa fly…Yah I went Missy Elliot on them.

  • @Jerronimo – LOL

  • ^LOL

  • mizz 23

    eminem 4 go hard how much are they now anybody know????

  • @jerronimo rotflmao. F going ham he went straight missy elliot on em. lmao. Nice list by the way. Although #1 are witch titties. lmao. I’m feeling that list. Also shout out Mr. Madison aka I been had those and AGS. I see you doing ya thing.

    But on the real…on the different tip…Those Chucks were NIIIIIIIICE!

  • Bware113

    Anyone else notice he’s recording at Fly Kix with a Wish ATL fitted? Im just sayin…

  • i love the wish fitted, we’re gonna unite the boutiques like we’ve united the sneaker lovers. comp makes life what it is, the beauty of people tageting the same person but have a different vision. you gotta learn to love & respect competition. keeps you focused & sharp. fly kix, wish, walters, standard, new era, fashion industry, sole, theshoegame, nicekicks, ags, windy city sole, shoe gallery, dgk, osd, hss, kixpo. we’re all family, sneaker friends!

  • Damn, I guess Sneaker Boy got scratch from ya list of sneaker friends, hun??? Thats Cool, we’ll just take heed to what U said!

  • sneaker boy is family for life too, charge it to my head, not the heart homie. i was gonna call you the other day for some new t’s

  • i’ll wear my sneaker boy tee in the 3rd top 8 at 8 count down to sneaker friends video

  • Its all good Street!No Love lost Big Homie, just wanna make sure we play our part @ sneakerfriends 2011! Get @ us!