Gucci Lace-Up Boot

Gucci Lace-Up Boot


For those looking for a flashy luxury boot to wear during the cold winter months, then Gucci’s latest boot may be the answer. The Gucci Lace-Up Boot is constructed in a mixture of durable canvas and premium leather materials. The boot is also draped in their signature “GG” pattern throughout the upper.

The inner lining is equipped with soft fur to help keep warm. The Gucci Lace-Up Boot is available now at Gucci retailers and their online store. The retail price is set at $750.

  • 23edge

    LMAO… these would have been hot in a 98′ hip hop video, not in 2012 they’re flea market specials

  • Maurice Garland

    MAN! My thoughts exactly..these would’ve THE SHIZNIT in 2001…would’ve went great with Burberry scarf ahahha.

  • Just Kicks


  • P.A.’s Finest

    I remember cats were going crazy over that Gucci print back in like 2000, putting it on their af1’s an shii!!! Lol I’m glad I never got on that bandwagon.

  • aSh

    I’m usually all for the print…. but on these they could have done with out… least on the side panels… the tongue is dope tho…

  • Executive

    I remember the fake gucci print jordans.

  • merlotdowndirtyshame

    some $hit i could imagine birdman and mannie fresh rockin circa 2000/2001.