History Behind The Number 45 On The Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” 2015 Retro

Jordan-wearing-Chicago-Bulls-10-7A little bit of knowledge.

With the Air Jordan 10 Chicago’s set to retro in 2015, besides an upgrade in quality because of the remastering initiative, we noticed a huge difference: the number 45 on the side, instead 23 or the shoe wearing no number as releases prior. The public finally has a shot at a shoe that was once a rare PE in 1994. A lot of people might be puzzled by this, so we thought we could clear things up.

20 years ago, Michael Jordan gave a crack at playing professional baseball, per his father’s wishes. Jerry Reinsdorf owned both the Chicago Bulls and their baseball brothers, the White Sox, so the move was natural. He picked the number 45 because someone else already was #23 on the team, and 45 was the number his brother wore during high school basketball. Michael’s baseball days set the story for the  Air Jordan I & IX Birmingham Barons – also with the number 45 on them.


Upon leaving the NBA to pursue playing Baseball, Michael Jordan’s number 23 jersey was retired. When he returned to basketball for the 1994-95 season, he retained number 45 for a while. Wearing his brother’s number in the NBA was more sentimental for Michael than anything else. In the Eastern Conference semi-finals Game 1 versus the Orlando Magic, he was not playing like the amazing Michael Jordan everyone marveled – the Bulls lost that 6-game series. The Air Jordan 10 Chicago’s were the shoe he wore for the majority of that first season back, and are finally returning in Michael Jordan PE glory.

How do you feel about the Jordan 10 Chicago’s return in rare form wearing 45 on the lateral? Let us know below. 

Source: SI/Yahoo Sports

Air Jordan 10 Chicago 2015 retro-1 

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  • Rob C

    I think it’s fresh from a quality standpoint and it’s something that’s OG that was never available for retail. Must cop regardless of the hype.

  • P.Skillz

    Cool story bro… Lol no but for real this is a good story that will clear things up for everyone.

    Didn’t know about #45 being his bro’s number though. Makes the whole idea behind the number even more historical/sentimental

  • ^^ definitely. as much as pple drool over PE’s we are FINALLY getting a PE!!!!!

  • We finally getting a p.e

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    The more we see this the harder it’s gonna be to get a pair, probably have a better chance of Obama stopping by the house by accident than getting these.

  • Yeah, these are my all time favorite J’s. When I saw the 45 on the side with the pictures earlier this week, I went crazy! It’s gonna be a tough purchase, especially with all the time for the story to spread.

  • omar najeeb

    I’m good here.

  • Lem

    @Exec^^^^^Too funny!

    I don’t have a pair of 10’s so I will be on the look out. The hype will be off the chain and depending upon the release it will be an entire year of it.

  • Sneakerologist411

    I was hoping they would’ve done it when they first droped the Retro chi town X and sales would’ve been through the roof like they will be when this drop oh how overrated the hype will be on this shoe Hybeast and resellers are already getting the bots ready. Many ppl not knowing this shoe is really famous for the double Nickel game in the Garden bet John Starks won’t be copping these (lol) I hope nike does another Rare PE in these like the Hareld Minor “32” PE in the blk Mia CW what do you think about that @ Ray P

  • ^^ @sneakerologist, i think SOME PE’s should stay that way and in Harold Minors case – that should happen.

  • Pat Mcfeely

    Just glad they decided to improve the quality. The year he returned was crazy. Definitely would cop for the nostalgia alone.

  • thats cool

  • Biga173rd

    It just sucks that for alot OG’s here that post like myself might not get a chance to cop a shoe with so much history all because little Bot Hypebeast or young reseller are going to flip em or buy them by the stacks and have no idea the history behind the shoe. Because of the Hype it is what it is.