Hit or Miss: Nike Basketball Christmas

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, Nike Basketball has been the front-runner for themed releases for the past few years. The supposed “Big 3” of Nike Basketball, the KD V, Kobe 8 and LeBron X, have just hit stores sporting their Christmas designs.

Officially known as the “Holiday Collection,” each sneaker represents something different, the LeBron X resembles the rare red diamond, the Kobe 8 grabs inspiration from the rhinoceros viper and the KD V is a reminder of Kevin Durant’s love of video games.

The released happened earlier this morning, (and in some areas, yesterday), but the question is, did you get a pair?

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  • AirJedi

    Kobe – Hit, just half size but they fit ok.
    Brons – Hit last pair.
    KD – Layaway, because the X “Prism” are priority in my LIFE!!!

  • JBYRD23


  • Just Kicks

    Miss me with the entire pack.

  • WorldFamous_Kev

    Honestly had no idea they were dropping, probably would have stayed in Houston another day for the Kobe’s. The KD’s are nice but that LeBron X (I just earled all over the keyboard, they are just as ugly as every other colorway I have seen minus the corks)

  • mask

    Kobes look the best imo. not feelin the other two at all. too much red for bron and too much of whatever is goin on with KDs shoes.