Hit or Miss: Nike Basketball Christmas

December 26, 2012 | 5

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, Nike Basketball has been the front-runner for themed releases for the past few years. The supposed “Big 3″ of Nike Basketball, the KD V, Kobe 8 and LeBron X, have just hit stores sporting their Christmas designs.

Officially known as the “Holiday Collection,” each sneaker represents something different, the LeBron X resembles the rare red diamond, the Kobe 8 grabs inspiration from the rhinoceros viper and the KD V is a reminder of Kevin Durant’s love of video games.

The released happened earlier this morning, (and in some areas, yesterday), but the question is, did you get a pair?

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Comments (5)

  1. AirJedi

    Kobe – Hit, just half size but they fit ok.
    Brons – Hit last pair.
    KD – Layaway, because the X “Prism” are priority in my LIFE!!!

  2. JBYRD23


  3. Just Kicks

    Miss me with the entire pack.

  4. WorldFamous_Kev

    Honestly had no idea they were dropping, probably would have stayed in Houston another day for the Kobe’s. The KD’s are nice but that LeBron X (I just earled all over the keyboard, they are just as ugly as every other colorway I have seen minus the corks)

  5. mask

    Kobes look the best imo. not feelin the other two at all. too much red for bron and too much of whatever is goin on with KDs shoes.

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