Honest Thoughts? Dwyane Wade’s Li-Ning Diamond Lifestyle Sneaker In Detail

li-ning diamond dwyane wade lifestyle sneaker-5Are they better than you thought?

We all know how successful the Way of Wade series has been for Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning so naturally the next step would be to introduce more models. Li-Ning enters the lifestyle market officially with its Diamond silhouette. Here are some detailed images of a Red October colorway. While the geometric shapes look borrowed from Brand Black its still a great look on any shoe. I’m curious as to what your first thoughts are on this shoe.

Share your comments, thoughts, and feedback down below.

Source: Pic-Sole

li-ning diamond dwyane wade lifestyle sneaker-4 li-ning diamond dwyane wade lifestyle sneaker-3 li-ning diamond dwyane wade lifestyle sneaker-2 li-ning diamond dwyane wade lifestyle sneaker-1 li-ning diamond dwyane wade lifestyle sneaker

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  • DaHero1017

    I like them. I have no idea where to buy just like his basketball shoes. Any help is appreciated.

  • ^ not available yet I believe, however the only place to buy the shoes will be Wayofwade.com

  • They look nice imo. I would like to see them in all black with a gum sole.

  • rocketralph

    Fresh. D-Wade knows what he’s doing.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    They’re all red, of course I like them!!!!!!

  • Reggie Bulb

    looks like you will be leaning back while you wear them

  • sirfresh

    At least they are trying

  • omar najeeb

    Lol. “Red october”, huh.
    Anyways, these are pretty dope.

  • omar najeeb

    Lol @ Rebbie. U wildin, son.
    I hope they wouldn’t be that rigid with that shape.

  • machinegun526

    They kinda resemble the ne NSW Lebron 12 model.. anyone else agree?

  • curtdiggler

    @reggie….almost got me in trouble at work laughing at ya comment..lmao….where is the rest of the lifestyle line tho, like the blouse and jeggings he gonna most likely rock with them?

  • c brown

    Cant wait for the sneaker world to get past this all red everything state we are currently in…

  • lickmysneakers

    lifestyle better than performance

  • Reggie Bulb

    or like you go’n be slamming on breaks all day…

  • Lem

    I like the aesthetic but they need to be in another color. Nothing against red but show another color for a change.

  • omar najeeb

    Oh, and my bad hoss. Didn’t mean to call Reggie “Rebbie”. Lol…

  • Reggie Bulb

    @Omar that’s nothing major. didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out. Been reading peoples words wrong for so long it just second nature.

  • Dahero1017

    Ray p – Thank you sir

  • Ray.

    These are much better than the Lebron’s. I could actually see myself wearing these (which is strange). Didn’t notice that they were red Novembers. But it works. Black and gum would be fly too like bxsh said. Olive and gum would be another good look.

  • 4DRUMZ

    A LOT of things got BIT in the making of this shoe!

  • Ramone Hogan

    Pretty good looking silhouette if you ask me. Kinda pleasantly surprised