How Do You Store Your Sneakers?

Let’s discuss.

It’s been too long since our last discussion. One of the main reasons is I don’t ever want to force a topic. I would rather wait until a good topic hits me or comes across my path.

Take this morning for example. I’m a group chat with a couple of friends from Atlanta. My boy asked us about clear drop-front boxes and wanted to know if we use them?

I’ve seen people using them for years, and I do like the way it looks visually, but in reality, I have way too many shoes to spend that kind of money on clear boxes. But I guess $10 isn’t that bad.

In a perfect world I wish I had a sneaker room with dedicated shelves for my shoes. That would make it so much easier to decide which pair to wear.

However, my reality is all my shoes (most of them) are stacked in OG boxes. The OG way!

But it’s 2017 and some of y’all are ballin’ harder than money phone rappers, so I know this should make for an interesting conversation regarding how you store your shoe collection.

Do you still store the OG way? Do you throw away your OG boxes? Do you have a room with shelves for your shoes? Are you Team Clear Boxes?

Share how you store your sneakers in the comments.

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  • As always, if you ever have an interesting topic for discussions please let me know.

    ALSO, TSG has a had a community vibe for years. Heck, some of y’all have been around long enough to remember TSG Community. That said, I was thinking of doing another community or forum-ish section for this site. I wanted to know how active commenters/readers feel about this idea? Is this something you think you would use daily for more consistent conversations and interactions with TSG readers? It could be a community that allows you to have a profile, share photos, etc. or just a forum that allows y’all to start your own threads about sneakers, music, sports, fashion, movies, etc. Some of the same ish we talk about in the comments.

    I would keep the blog for important news, features, and exclusive content. Just an idea I’ve been thinking about for a minute, but wanted to get some feedback.

  • Michael Honeycutt

    I store my shoes the OG way. I actually prefer keeping them in the OG box opposed to the clear containers.

    In regards to the forum idea, I think it’s a great idea. Would it be a link off to the side in the menu that would take you to the forum section?

  • FrostyTheCashman

    Store them in either container store boxes or the original boxes, tucked away in a dark closet with no moisture or heat. I think those drop front boxes or keeping them on display is silly. So many people are gonna have to deal with faded out colors with those setups. natural sunlight on the sneakers are gonna make them yellow/fade much much quicker and the leather will lose flexibility. Never store shoes under direct sunlight.

  • The Peoples Champion

    For me in particular, I move around A LOT due to my career. So each time the process of moving shoes in and out of a place has not only become a pain but a security risk to letting people know that I have a lot of shoes. I’ve tried to store shoes the OG way but without the use of shelves but that became a headache when trying to grab shoes from the bottom of the stack. I also tried to convert to using shelves but they themselves began to crowd the room because of the space required to stand them up. In the past 3 months I have slowly began the transition into the clear drop front boxes and I can say not only does it help to keep the room looking nice and clutter free; it allows me to visually see where my shoes are & gives me a feeling of cognizance when I haven’t worn a pair in a long time. Now the question is why do I do with OG boxes.

    I think bringing back a TSG Community type section would be dope.

  • Executive 777

    Ask me years ago and I’d tell you that I kept all my shit neat, nowadays I honestly don’t give a shit and just throw them in my shoe room or closet. Between cleaning them and treating them nicely I just grew outta the shit.

  • DJR

    I keep all my sneakers in their original box. I have sneakers in multiple places in my house because I have too many. So yes I have shelving in those rooms as well. I don’t think I’d do the clear box thing but might do it for my wife as she doesn’t really care about the original boxes. Also G whatever you do I’ll support man. This site has been a go to for me for sneaker content for awhile. So definitely add the other forum.

  • curt diggler

    damn right….in the closet with a pair or two by the front door

  • Jay

    I stock mine the OG way as well, but I do like the clear boxes. The bad thing about og boxes is the get frail and you cant stack them. I’m with the forum too.

  • sirfresh

    Just can’t let the box go. I feel like it’s part of the shoe, good packaging is what make the shoe sometimes.

  • theloverswineverytime

    For me, most pairs are still in the boxes. Like MAD columns of boxes lol. With some in a couple Hefty bags or just piled up out-of-box in a corner.

  • javi

    MAD COLUMNS….? Man your thirst is out of control hype?.

  • Ron Simms

    Stacked in my closet kind of on top of each other…the New York apartment way.

  • Executive 777

    Lol, I sometimes have 5 pair at the door and my wife hates it. ?

  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol. Well there goes about 1/3 of my sneakers on just that alone. I def kept some of em out in a room thats poorly ventilated and gets hotter than the sun in the summer. ? But idgaf though…

  • Han Lee

    I keep mine in the original the closet…suM1 told me that the boxes are acidic and can speed up yellowing..esp. clear soles….can any1 confirm this?

  • OGedge

    Anything on rotation is kept in my closet. The rest is left in the basement in my man cave room.


    Throw them hoes wherever I take em off cuz. Maybe a few years ago in high school I used a shoe rack in 08 lol

  • javi

    I concur I concur I concur te-hee te-hee te-hee

  • Lol I hear that.

  • Not mad at that. I keep all my work out stuff by the door tho.

  • Same. lol

  • My rotation is by the bed… and around the house. Stuff that rarely gets worn is in the closet.

  • Stuff in the closet is def in OG box.

    Interesting. I’m not sure about that. My first time hearing that.

  • Haaaaa! The NY apartment way. I feel you. I was visiting friends in NY back in 2006 and my homegirl had her collection stacked to perfection. lol

  • Ok! Ok! Maaaaaaadddd columns, eh?

  • Same. I can’t see myself throwing away the box unless it’s completely trashed.

  • Very true about OG boxes as they age. It’s a science to stacking worn out boxes. Gotta get your tilt on. lol

  • That’s what’s up! When we buy our house I have to get racks, shelves or something.

    Bet! Since posts like this get the most engagement I figured it was a good idea. Thanks for your continued support.

  • That makes sense. Moving around so much would get on my nerves but I know you’re reppin’ for all of us. Visibility is key for sure!

    So no issues with the clear boxes?

    Ok cool. Thanks for your feedback.

  • You made a lot of good points. I hope people are paying attention.

  • Me too!

    Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, something like that. I’ll continue looking into it and keep everyone posted.

  • El Fenomeno

    keep them in OG boxes, i weirdly know which shoe is which, but they stacked neatly though lol

  • Jay

    Haha or put those box at the top of the stack.

  • OG boxed stacked. i do however try and arrange them like a shoe store and use the box codes fir directions. when you have so many you try not to forget where they all are.

  • Erosion

    I’ve heard this same thing. Cedar shoe trees, a cloth bag in a ziploc have you covered.

  • Trickx

    For me its a mix. A lot of my “prized shoes” I keep in the OG boxes and tucked away in a closet since I don’t wear them on a regular. My more “every day” type shoes are in the drop fronts in a separate closet. Then there is the rotation type shoes that just clutter next to doors. I also still have some of the old Container Store Boxes. I haven’t had an issue with any of the clear boxes. But if you are worried about it I would say some 3M bags.

  • I have a mix of OG boxes and drop fronts from The Container Store. I had the IKEA clear bins for a minute and still have about 15 or so but lifting stacks upon stacks to get to a pair and then change my mind was painful and not working very well. Good exercise though. The excuses still persisted as to why I couldn’t wear a particular pair.

    Then in late August, after seeing a post by kicksandkaffeine, I finally started with the drop fronts and because I downsized to the tune of selling, still having for sale and donating something like 300 pairs I was done before I knew it. The majority of my shoes are however still in boxes. I may downsize further and would then convert the entire collection to drop fronts.

    FUN FACT: When you completely fold out a sneaker box, regardless of brand, they’re ALL the same width. That was one of the nicest discoveries I’ve happened upon in awhile.

    I shared that last bit because you don’t need to throw away your OG boxes. Simply fold them out, tie them all together with twine or string and voila. Now if you need to sell a pair, donate or gift them to someone you still have the OG box. Selling shoes without boxes, especially in this era of fakes and for other reasons is problematic and you’re not getting top dollar or MSRP without that box. Trust me on that. Seasoned vets already know the score.


    1. The Container Store regular has sales. Pay attention.
    2. When you sign up for a POP account you can kiss those paper receipts goodbye and you get 15% to use towards whatever for signing up but you and I both know exactly what you’re going to use it on.
    3. Look around the store. They have some very interesting storage pieces that work for boots but they’re slide out, not drop fronts.

  • David N

    Those drop front boxes get expensive.

  • xhorror_businessx

    man if i don’t wear them i don’t keep them, simple as that. not going to take up space for shoes i’ll wear once in a blue moon. so that’s why i have all my shoes kept in the drop front boxes, and its inside my room with one window that usually has a curtain covering the sun from hitting inside so i don’t need to worry about the sun hitting them.

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