Hypebeast x PUMA “The Dim Sum Project”

hypebeast x puma dim sum project

Hypebeast has teamed up with PUMA on a special two-pair package called “The Dim Sum Project.”

The Blaze of Glory OG & LTWT models are used here, with one seeing a white based design with a shrimp camoflauge underneath the upper. The second pair takes a tonal yellow suede mix that sees a slight contrast through multiple shades of yellow. Here’s what Hypebeast had to say about the collaboration:

When Hypebeast were presented with the opportunity to work with PUMA on a potential sneaker collaboration, it was the “heart” of Hong Kong that they sought to represent, along with a trending food culture that has made rocks stars of high-profile chefs. With dim sum’s role at the core of the city’s culinary culture and the importance of food in local lifestyles, it was only fitting that Hypebeast set about trying to apply these inspirations to footwear. To create these unique takes on classic PUMA silhouettes, Hypebeast looked to two of the most widely-known and cherished elements of dim sum: har gow and siu mai. The result encompasses the “Har Gao” Blaze of Glory LTWT in white and the “Siu Mai” Blaze of Glory OG in yellow.

These are available now through Hypebeast’s online store for $155 a pair.

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  • Mamba

    I need to see more pics to make a better judgement on these

  • AceofJ’s

    These look pretty dope, I wouldn’t drop $155 for them though

  • Heat

    Are there more pics of the full shoe?

  • DeathOverDesigner

    I’d cop.

  • Prestige

    The yellow pair>>>>>>

  • Mars Blackmon

    These look straight. Not worth the price tag though

  • aSh

    Would like the LTWT… but not going out of my way for them…. actually I just want some DimSum lol

  • Guess Who?

    I want them nowwwwww (just yellow pair)