I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

I went to the Nike Clearance Store again and it never disappoints…

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

You can call me old school because I still love sneaker hunting.

However, that’s not new information if you know me in real life or if you’ve been reading this blog for years. There’s so much documentation to prove I’m bout that life.

My last visit to the Nike Clearance Store was September 2017. To be honest, I should visit this store once a month because there’s no telling how many gems I miss when I allow 6 months to go by.

I visit regular outlets more often because they are closer, but I spread out Nike Outlet Alert so that I can give everyone something to look forward to. You know, allow people time to miss it.

That’s my same thought process for visiting the clearance store. Not to mention, the clearance store is a hour away which isn’t far to me – I just have to make time and be thinking about it.

With that said, I meant to go last weekend but I can’t remember why I didn’t go. This past Saturday I set a reminder on my phone to make sure I didn’t forget.

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

If I didn’t go on Saturday I don’t know when I would’ve been able to go because I’ll be traveling again soon. But thank God for Siri wit her fine azz. She was like, “Don’t forget to hit the clearance store, big daddy.”

Man, where would I be without my Siri?!

So yeah, I hit the road this weekend with my partner in crime who strongly dislikes going with me because I need a smooth 2 hours to take my time and document my finds.

Here’s an obvious pro tip when sneaker hunting: TAKE YOUR TIME. You can move faster in regular outlets if you’re nice like that, but take your time on the hash wall.

Nike Clearance Store is literally one huge azz hash wall that’s organized by size. Peep the photos and imagine digging through all that stock. It’s like a kid at Toys R Us (RIP btw) for the first time.

It’s always an adrenaline rush for me, but I have to remind myself to slow down. Since I document my finds and share them with y’all – having a game plan is mandatory.

Okay, y’all get it. I took another trip blah, blah, blah and want to see my finds. Say no more!

As always, if you have any questions leave a comment and I got you.

And if you’re not about this life, search for deals by clicking here.

Also, I gave people a preview via my personal Instagram page, @GRocSmith. Give me a follow to keep up with my sneaker hunting, pickups, travels, and more.

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

REMEMBER THIS. Additional 20% off.

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

You never know what you’re going to see.

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

Okay, ladies first… and remember to do the math. 20% off sale price.

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

Wmns Air Tech Challenge II SE for $54

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

Wmns Air Tech Challenge II SE for $84.99

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

Wmns Air Max 95 LX for $109.99

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

Wmns AF1 SF PRM for $99.99

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

Flyknit Racer for $74.99

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

Wmns Air Huarache Run for $64.99

I Went To the Nike Clearance Store Again And It Never Disappoints

Air Jordan 3 GG for $79.99

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  • Take a min and ask yourself, “How long did it take G-Roc to create this content?”

    A LONG AZZ TIME. lmao

    That’s not for everyone, just the people who don’t realize how much work I put in creating content like this.

    Anyhow, visit to the clearance store are always fun. As you can see, there were a lot of deals and steals. I was even caught off guard by some finds.

    I wish they had those Wmns ATC II in yellow in my size. Those are HARD!

  • Ray.

    Three things went thru my mind as i was goin thru this post.
    -At the beginning: Damn I dont even know about the clearance stores but they got some fiya! I need to see where this at!
    -Somewhere in the middle: Got damn, this a lot of shit! I know this took him forever to type up..
    Towards the end: Yo theres too much shit in there. I wonder how much G spent. I hope theres not one in ATL bc i def. dont need to go there..

  • Jonathan Selby

    Are they able to ship to another state? I need those royal lows

  • kaydot901

    I sincerely appreciate it & definitely respect the research!Salute Sir On “Anutha One!” nice variety of sleep heat,I NEED the snow beach AM1 badly,gonna try my luck on those.

  • Marques Prude

    1st off yeah, that’s a lot shit, 2nd where is this magical place?

  • Cinematic Taylor

    Speak for yourself lol found nothing but old outdated stuff like the Marco Murray Philly jerseys for 50 bucks or other players who no longer play for the correct team for a year and Whaler price shoes Outlets are way better in the DMV and then the clearance.

  • Han Lee

    I do appreciate the effort…i would at the very least scoop up a pair of those huaraches for 64.99..not the qs ones tho

  • MelloYelloMD

    Man I need those Humaras! Safaris too

  • OGedge

    Pro tip: Take your time. Yup! My plan of attack is to first do a quick scan, then come back and go through everything one at a time. I can’t tell you how many times I scanned an area only to find a jewel right under my nose on a third go around. Those safaris took the W this time.

  • JohnGotty

    Olympic Talarias are a sleeper

  • Erosion

    Nah, they stopped doing phone orders a few years back.

  • Erosion

    Nice finds man. I like those stabs & huarache drifts.

  • C Brown

    Good read G…Flushing is about 30 mins from me and I only go during Friends and Family…honestly just isn’t worth it…there is a CREW of resellers that just camp out in the store all day everyday…it’s so bad they don’t bring out inventory all at once they slowly bring it from the back cause these dudes would just gobble it all up….i dont even bother with Kicks cause you gotta first be like the Flash…then you gotta have laser scope vision…then be quicker then superman to grab something before someone else..and all that is on like a Tuesday at 11am…don’t even TRY on a Saturday at like 3 ???…I mostly go for clothes now..which you can get some SERIOUS heat for stupid cheap…but same thing I watched a guy take 20-30 NikeLab jackets off a rack…no size check…nothing…just scooped and straight to the register…then homie unloaded and came right back ??

  • Lol that’s what’s up! They are spread out but if you’re ever in Texas, Cali, Oregon… not sure about other locations – def spend a hour or two digging thru inventory.

    Yeah man, it did.

    Lol. From driving to the store, time in the store, driving back, typing, editing and uploading photos: a smooth 5 hours total.

    Thanks for checking it out.

  • DAMN. They are serious! But you’re right about the clothes. I didn’t even get a chance to look at clothes during this trip. Shawty was ret to goooooo! lol

  • Thank you! Glad you and others appreciate this column. Yeah, it’s so much stuff I didn’t take pics of… I tried to focus on the stuff I feel more people would be interested in.

  • Man thank you for that. It means a lot to know y’all appreciate hard work because some people don’t know or don’t care – they just want the final result.

    Snow Beach AM1 was def the most shocking find as well as BHM Kyrie and a few older finds.

  • Nope, like Erosion said, they killed that a few years ago unfortunately.

  • The Safari was another shocker. GREAT price with the discount on the Humaras. What up, Mello! I was in your hood a few weeks ago but super short trip.

  • Thanks! Def didn’t expect to see the Stabs in there.

  • The model in general is a sleeper. Shhhhhh!

  • I wish I could like this comment a thousand times. So true! The eyes are moving so fast and trying to catch everything. You HAVE to take your time… but also the mind is like I don’t want someone else to grab fire because I’m moving too slow. lmao

  • Yikes! Sorry to hear that. I guess the west/southwest stores get all the good stuff. Buuuuut you never know unless you go.

  • Lol hell yeah. This location is located in Hillsboro, TX.

  • Ray.

    Damn thats dedication man.
    I know this visit was business as well as personal but that’s still some dedication.
    Im still interested to know how many hundreds you u dropped in there too??

  • I appreciate the shit out of you and this post but let me ask you a question family. Maybe you can do a write up if you think there’s anything there? Question…does it even make sense to buy shoes at retail anymore?

    You will always have people that need something first but those folks aside (who are spending crazy money they don’t need to!), does it make sense?

    I ask that because of the range of finds in this article some prices I saw on eBay the other day. Life is cyclical. I remember buying some Nike’s that came back hard later on but in 2003 were on eBay for between a $1 -$10 and I feel. I feel like we’re heading back there as I look at all declining data.

    Yesterday I found BAIT Misfits and a few others collabs, used once or new for between $18 – $48. I have some shoes I’ve been trying to get rid of and they just weren’t selling. Reduced each to a price that would make me wonder if they’re real or fake and every single one sold.

    Consumers have also gotten wicked smart about store discount cycles and play retail now in a way I don’t think the sector/industry will ever recover from.

    Collabs worn once or twice selling for $29.98???! I also watched the last PW Adidas drop on StockX go from over $620 to a sitting price of around $370.

    So…who’s still buying shoes at retail? It might say more about their personality than the shoe.

  • fook yo

    racers were a come up

  • oh_swick

    If you’re in college, like sneakers and/or need a part time job, I can’t recommend working a clearance store enough. You won’t save a lot of money and the work can be mind numbing, but you’re collection might expand like tribbles in a star trek episode. Employees get a discount on top of the store sales and discounted price, so if you’re lucky you’ll run into the occasional retro or foam for $50-60. The only downside is you’ll get really spoiled when you leave.