Introducing the New Jumpman23

Jumpman23 Website

In case you didn’t know, Jordan Brand just relaunched, and the new layout is on point. The new design is fresh, easy to navigate, and they also added new features to the website. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Check out the new website here.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Converse King

    Nice website. I only checked out a few things on it. But I’m glad that they confirmed the release date for the Space Jams. The Air Jordan 2010 apparently has a secret message for Jordan sneaker fans on the midsole. I bet it’s something like “Haha! You bought this ugly ass shoe because it had my name on it! Thanks for contributing to my bank account, bitch!”

  • southernhospitality

    ^^^^ lol hell yea im rich bitch !

  • Jerronimo


  • MisterMcfly23

    i always hated their old site, finally they decided to fix that raggedy sh*t. i like how theyre givin us a “first look” now, Big Up, JB…

  • love the new site. very easy to find stuff now. AND THERE’S A BLOG!!!. I also like the new TSG logo G-Roc.

  • ^Thanks, A.I.



  • Looking for a hard to find pair of jordan dress shoes. The Down town one’s or Two’s? Help!!! Thanks.

  • sneaker_head

    i have more jordans than all you fucks

  • kenzie

    Jordans are the best shoes ever

  • Jeremy

    Is it tryed this sat (April 19) the yezzys fomeposite are realeasing?

  • I need to speak with someone in your innovation department about this new ball cap idea, that I think the JORDAN line would like very much cam be reach at 724-359-7845 day or night. I think this is a sure thing Mike.

  • Richard N

    Need to talk with someone about this ball cap, its fresh and new.

  • Jacob

    Are they real????