Is The Air Jordan 6 “Sport Blue” A Must Cop?

Air Jordan 6 sport blue4

OG colorway is back.

There are very few beloved colorways from the Air Jordan line that have yet to be retroed and the “Sport Blue” 6 is one of them. After 23 years since it’s intial release you will finally be able to rock the Sport Blue’s on your feet without the sole crumbling, that is a great feeling. On August 30th for a price of $170 you will be able to cop the Air Jordan 6 “Sport Blue” to go along with your White Infrareds and hopefully Black Infrareds. Old Jordan fiends and new heads alike get super excited for OG colorway releases so expect to try to secure your pairs through a few different resources than just NDC.

Is the Air Jordan 6 “Sport Blue” a must cop? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: @SuppliedPDX

Air Jordan 6 “Sport Blue”
Color: White/Sport Blue-Black
Style Code: 384664-107
Release Date: 08/30/14
Price: $170
Air Jordan 6 sport blue3

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  • djbk4lyf

    For me it is.

  • Romo

    Indeed it is. Gr like the infrareds?

  • Mater

    Double cop for me
    Pics of the laney 6s comin soon

  • 23edge

    If I see them in a store, I’ll buy…. anything else required is a pass

  • curtdiggler

    nah, unless you are trying to collect every pair of jordans….but besides that they aint nothing special in my eyes.

  • tzarnick


  • Idojs2345

    Must Cop

  • jay_

    YES.. but probably won’t be lucky enough.

  • SupaB

    not a must cop, but i like em, and will try…but wont be mad if i dont get them…

  • MikeyDrums86

    wish they released a little sooner for summer but yea ima try for em

  • sirfresh

    nah that blue is off

  • FlyssFxxlie

    I like them but I’m not going through rings of fire to cop.

  • Biga173rd

    Keep the Hate going. It will be easier for me to Cop. This was my first ever pair of Jays back in Jr. High in 91 Gotdamn lol. Man these are so Clean!! I can’t wait.

  • omar najeeb

    They look good. But ima leave em. I gravy grabbin 2 of my 3 fav 6’s with the carmines ,& white inf 6’s. Just need the black infs.

  • javi

    ^No one asked you HYPE! So desperate for attention.

  • omar najeeb

    ^^So desperate for another dude.

  • Ray.

    them 6s gon be steep next year!!

  • MazeTheKid

    Oh Yeah

  • Chevy Boy

    YES LAWD!!!

  • sneakercritique

    I’m with @curt on this one. This is their long anticipated retro, but other than that nothing special.