Is the “Sneaker Head” Non-Existent?

James Bond of UNDFTD would say so. Boylston Trading Company caught up with co-owner and creative director for the sneaker haven, Undefeated, where he shed light on his inspirations behind the brand and where the company is now setting their sights. During the Q&A, Bond diagnosed the current sneaker scene where the sneaker head was once the most significant to premier boutiques is now non-existence.

We changed lanes for the most basic of business rules: growth. Our business landscape has changed and the majors are going to move with or without you. You have to adapt to these changes. The “sneaker head” so to speak is no longer a viable business model as the true (sneaker) head has become almost non-existent. You have to learn to appeal to the masses in a creative and tasteful way. Converse has allowed us to do just that with the program we are doing with Footlocker. Good product is good product. – James Bond

Do you agree with Bond’s pronouncement?

Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section below.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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  • unclesam

    I agree that it´s not a feasible business model, but I don´t agree that they are non-existent.

  • J Flo

    Its not a business model because true heads buy what they like regardless of hype or if wale/kanye/jay z rocked em or whatever other reason ppl buy sneakers, we as sneakerheads are the truest form of sneaker collectors when you cant be swayed by the word limited,designed by or worn by of course a business wouldnt want to design based on you

  • agree with unclesam – not viable but doesn’t necessarily signify the extinction of “true” sneaker enthusiasts. The market/culture has been flooded with a lot of new, younger, trendier sneakerheads and as a businessperson you have to consider what will be profitable/sustainable for your business.

    Limited releases are fun and were certainly initially geared toward the “true” heads but in the long haul, developing projects with Footlocker and producing mass product with quality is what will help you continue to grow.

  • My Dixie wrecked

    Shut the fuck up James bond

  • Mater

    completely agree

  • I agree with @ J Flo .

  • But this is a complex question to be honest. It all depends on what you classify as a “sneaker head.” What actually classifies someone as a “sneaker head”. Ive always considered myself a sneaker head(hence the name) even when I couldnt afford or wasnt in a position to buy sneakers. But I always followed them to the end and could tell you everything about every sneaker n the backgroud etc. So this question is all based on wat u think a sneaker head is.

  • what my dixie said.

  • The Neugent

    I wouldnt say a Sneaker Head is non-existent. I would say its more along the lines of Hard to authenticate even for the trained eye.

  • ty

    AKA hes just trying to sell shit at footlocker to make hella money!