Is This The Best Jordan Future Colorway So Far?

Teal Air Jordan Future Sample

New colorway.

Over the past few weeks we have seen a great deal of Jordan Future colorways. Today courtesy of @KicksOrDie we have a first look at a teal sole on a 3M ‘Unwoven’ upper on the Jordan Future. In 2014 I have a feeling we will see many different colored sole options on this silhouette. No information is available regarding release on this Jordan Future ‘Teal Unwoven’ yet, so stick with TSG for future updates.

Best color yet, or nah? Comment below.

Teal Air Jordan Future UnWovenAir Jordan future Teal Unwoven Sample

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    What made the xxi a good shoe was the patent leather this is just garbage



  • Freezy

    yo @Ray P, you heard about that article that JB is stopping production in 2015? its fake and really got people spooked lol

  • Freezy

    my b about the duplicate comments.. slow college internet lol

  • Thomas

    Remember when everyone absolutely HATED these and then limited got tossed around and now everyone’s all “OHHH STRATE FIYAH #INSTACOP”


  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ Couldn’t agree more. Its a shame jokers can’t be truthful about what they like. If u like em, say that $#!+. Y try to stunt over it.
    Same thing if u don’t like em. Leave em alone & stay daphuk away from em.

  • mask

    Man I would rock the sh!t out of these.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    They’re l wack and don’t give that limited ish!

  • @Freezy.. definitely did. someone text me that and i was like pssshhh.. Jordan Brand will NEVER stop! haha.

  • These are fresh.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    If JB stopped right now and shut down, not 1 f uck would be given from me.

  • gurf

    Man, I just can’t get behind the Futures.

  • Godivine

    To answer your question TSG, yes this is the best CW if you can call it that but, I still am not going to cop; these aren’t built for me…1love

  • MikeyDrums86

    3m like a mo’f ucka!!

  • Trickx

    the first run on the futures….cool….even the glow….but these look horendous…

  • Freezy

    @Ray P i was telling people the same thing.. That would be like Jordan saying “i dont want the millions of dollars” LMAO

  • Jaykicks_23

    These I might be able to due.

  • Biga173rd

    Yuck!! These look like Cookie monster would rock these… and then eat it. OD Trash!!