Is This The Nike LeBron 10 Elite?

Nike-LeBron-10-EliteAs if the Nike LeBron 10 Sports Pack isn’t expensive enough, it looks like there will be another version to top that. There have been rumors floating around that the Nike LeBron 10 will release an Elite version similar to the previous model. This Knicks-like colorway shown here looks like it’ll now be equipped with carbon fiber materials.

It’s not confirmed whether or not these are the Elite version, so stay tuned to TSG as the latest update develops. What do you think about the possible LeBron 10 Elite? Is it a hit or miss? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Images: soledivision

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  • Executive

    Side views are nice?

  • Edson

    So what??? Gonna charge 375+??? GTFOH

  • Executive

    People still gonna line up no matter how much! Groceries or kicks? Lol

  • Scolia5044

    I think the starting price is 285

  • If they are, they look better then the lebron 9 elite. Liking this colorway alot too

  • omar najeeb

    @executive….WORD, on the 1st comment.
    These views look promising tho. We’ll see tho

  • These are not the Lebron X Elites, they are preety much what you see… a Knicks colorway, they drop sometime this summer along with a lava color and black suede color. The elites will be released in a white, black, and gold colorway with a $350-$385 price tag.

  • Towel

    For $300 I’d use that on a Supreme jacket that’ll last longer.

  • aSh

    @Mr.Kicks sooooo is this like a PS or VS version, like how the VIIIs had??? And $350-$385 for the real Elites??? I don’t see that happening… not doubting your info… I just don’t see that as a realistic price point that Nike will stick with… figured these ^^^ would be around $250 like the last elites… Nike has officially gone CRAZY….

  • Guess Who?

    These look like a mix of 9’s and 10’s On back view

  • Tone

    So guys…Lets put like this, It’s the Lebron X or Lebron 10 whatever, So it’s just that shoe with some more freaking Carbon Fiber on the sides..for the use of us paying more money?
    Like is Nike Basketball trying to say that the regular Lebron 10 isn’t supported enough or something? What’s really the point of putting some “Kevlar” laces too, Just some regular old laces too trying to act like there’s something special in them. (Pay attention to the aglets on the bottom photo and you’ll see that they have Kevlar laces)
    Okay now, Lets look on this Nike Basketball wants us to pay more money for almost all the reasons I just listed above? And for what..That’s right to SCAM US out of our Money ..Sorry to say this but some of the people reading this are under 18 and don’t have job, So that’s your parents HARD EARNED working money to some sneakers that probably will be no value in a couple years..Or maybe just under retail..Some people will even put these shoes for x3 the cost of what they will be. So why even make this shoe? I don’t know.
    It’s just the most disparate thing I have even seen from Nike.

  • BJ24

    I never understand why people comment without having official info. If you like a shoe buy it, if you dont then dont buy it. If price is an issue for you try K-mart or Payless or a sale rack.