Jawrduhn’s Top 3 Air Jordan IV Colorways On Sneakerpedia

Sneakerpedia keeps on growing day by day as people upload various images from their collections giving everyone a scope on releases from the past up to the present. Recently, many have been uploading pictures of their Air Jordan IV “Thunder” colorway that released not too long ago. Seeing that the Air Jordan IV is currently seeing another retro period, it made me think of my top 3 Air Jordan IV colorways that I would love to see re-released.

My opinion on the Air Jordan IV model probably varies from many, I like the model more than the colorways. There are certain colorways of this sneaker that to me, maximize the silhouette while creating a degree of difference from the usual sneaker. These are colorways or design choices that are different from the majority but are not relative to the term “classic” by some. These are my top 3 Air Jordan IV colorways:

3. Air Jordan IV Retro White/Chrome – Classic Green

I have always liked all white shoes but two problems always arise from them: from a distance, all white shoes look the same and they get dirty too easily. The White/Chrome – Classic Green colorway held just enough color to differ from the slew of white sneakers while showing off the minute details of the shoe. One of my favorite all predominantly white sneakers to ever release.

However, they didn’t release without their faults as my pair (along with others I knew) yellowed quite quickly around the mesh. If history serves me correctly, they also sat around for quite a long time and were not the most popular Air Jordan IV colorway to release. Oh well, tales of being a sneaker addict, different strokes for different folks.

2. Air Jordan IV Retro White/Columbia Blue – Midnight Navy

If Air Jordan was ever to release an Air Jordan IV “No Mesh” Pack, these would be the best of the bunch. The lack of netting makes these different but it’s the colorway that stands strong on this model. The sheen that the midnight navy holds on the midsole gave that pop unlike other Air Jordan IV colorways to me. Columbia blue is also one of my favorite colors when used in moderation on sneakers (explains why the Air Jordan XI “Columbia” colorway is the only one I like). Unfortunately, I was not relevant in the sneaker world to any degree and was raised to dislike Michael Jordan for what he did to Seattle (I was a bitter Sonics kid). Here’s hoping that the colorway will see a release in the future along with the other no-mesh Jordan IVs.

1. Air Jordan IV Retro Olive/Oiled Suede – Flight Satin “Undefeated”

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about this colorway? Well… Nothing. Just look at them.

If Jordan Brand called me up and asked what three Air Jordan IV colorways were next, here’s the three I choose. Two are possible, one is well, highly, highly unlikely. On top of that, if the “UNDFTD” pair ever released, those who pay either top dollar or have a pair in their possession would probably riot. Actually, everyone would riot if they re-released. On second thought, I don’t want to see the “UNDFTD” colorway release because I don’t think the general public would even be able to handle it (unless it was online only). Just imagine what would happen if they released… I’ll let you think about that.

Head over to Sneakerpedia and browse around, and tell us your favorite Jordan IV colors below.

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  • sneakercritique

    Yeah chrome greens are a take ’em or leave ’em shoe to me. (Not too big on them).I agree that there would be some mayhem over undftd 4’s in big shoe centers but they may get slept on by many of the newbies especially if they drop around the time of a big name Jordan. I was thinking thunder 4’s would be a lil challenging to get but yet seen ’em in stores yesterday XD. Anyways not a bad list hard to make a top 3 4’s list honestly (so many good cws)

  • Oreo over green… just in the context of what I would like to see re-released. Top 3, not much of a match for me. EMINEM, UNDFTD, Black Cement. 3,2,1.

  • Shane D.

    Solid list. I was shocked no OG colors were on here but I understand why after reading.

    My fav colors, White/Cement, Black/Cement, Oreo

  • Jay

    Good stuff. For me, DB 4s, Black Laser 4s and Bred 4s.

  • solediva86

    interesting list.

    cool grey, tour yellow, cements.

  • Executive

    I would love and oreo release for the summer or the colombia’s.

  • Nice post J-Dub…..I learned something new today. I did not even know they had a “New Mesh” version of the IVs. Personally, I like the Pures/25th Anniversary’s the best. The white on white is just too fresh.

  • omar najeeb

    Yo black, I didn’t even like the silver anny 4s when they dropped. But not to long ago I actually saw em somebody feet 1st time. Wntd to kik myself. Lol
    My order-1.undftd 2.db’s 3.lightnings

  • Db’s

  • SPINS6136

    Good piece Jawrduhn.

    With the III’s and IV’s I could never do just a Top 3. WAY TOO HARD!

    However, I had the wht/green and the navy/columbia.

    With that, I have been very patiently waiting for those No Mesh navy/columbia joints to re-release.

  • The NewJent

    Recently just got a pair of White/Green CW last year. Old time favorite I could never have and now im happy I finally own a pair. Great piece.

    3.Cool Greys

  • Executive

    Notice the length of the tongue on the newer retros is like 6inches long? Damn near tripped the other day!

  • Secrag

    1. Cement

    2. Cavs

    3. Lightnings

  • LG

    I have the wht/grn IV’s love em, but not in my top 3.

    2.Wht Lasers
    3.Cool Grey

  • Killa

    Can’t believe you jokers no one got love for the eminem 4s?

  • omar najeeb

    Hey,hey! Again, don’t go liv’n up to ya name on us. Lol
    The em’s would be no.4 all-time f’me.

  • MBeezy

    1. Breds

    2. Cavs

    3. Thunders

    mariobrouwer @ Instagram

  • shoe guy

    i only like the leather ones…. hmmm a fompostie version of this shoe would be hot