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Jeremy Scott, along with ASAP Rocky graced the cover of Complex’s February/March 2012 issue. Joe La Puma did the cover story, and today Complex published the uncut cover story. During the interview, Jeremy Scott spoke on a number of topics, including his success with adidas. He discussed how everything got started, and where his adidas line is headed. For those that don’t like Jeremy Scott, the best way for him to respond to all the hate is by continuing to be successful. Read the excerpt below, and feel free to discuss in the comment section.

You’re the first designer to really re-imagine the sneaker. Can you talk about the adidas collaboration infiltrating the sneaker market? Tell us about the adidas collaboration and the freedom they gave you and how you thought about getting into sneakers.

The first project was the I sign project, in which I ended up using the Forum. There was 100 pairs only done of that and the thing was, I was actually drawing the wing at that time but there became a time crunch. That’s the only thing that’s ever a pain in the rear about anything about my job and any person I collaborate with is deadlines. The only other people that have deadlines so bad are journalists and writers. People don’t understand the deadlines sometimes are insane, so I kind of had to go with the ideas that I was working on with the textile, but I was already starting to draw the wing, but it hadn’t been fully realized. It came out when Y-3 started in 2002. As the wing became the cult item. You know how no one steals anything in Japan, two different stores told me the shoes got basically robbed out of the store. Every time they come back on eBay, my mom will see it and [say] they’re at 7,000 dollars.

I did the adiColor a couple years after that ‘cause the first one went so well, then we did the apparel and footwear for that one with the track suit inspired by Keith Haring again. It went really well and had such a success that they came back and asked me to do this continuing project. And that was the thing that was most important to me. Of course it’s nice in a way to do one thing, but I like the idea of dialogue that can grow and that was what was so seductive about doing this and having it continue so it could evolve and I could create. I basically did think, you know what? I’m gonna make a new Jordan—nothing about the look of it, but just like, okay everyone’s been so fascinated with the shoe for so damn long. Well here, here’s mine. I looked at it like an icon from the get-go and I design a year in advance so I had to design two collections before you saw one. So I already was carrying it over and was already reinforcing it. So that it would be what it’s thankfully grown to be and then been able to do the variations like the 2.0 or the winged sandals and winged flats.

I love that people think of me and the wings, because the wings ultimately are always going to mean optimism. Is it flying through the air to make a slam dunk? Or is it a Greek statue, or is it an angel? There’s all these different elements and the freedom again of flying and a bird and an eagle soaring. I think that’s always something; it’s very interpretive but it’s always positive interpretations and I think that’s what I really like about it too.

Read the interview in its entirety here.

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    dude makes straight pedo baby catcher shoes. I’m sure there will be a tone of hype for his spring “megan’s law” line

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    He need to stop is shit!!!!

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    I HATE jeremy scott… Disney channel on crack x sneaker manufacturer = anything he’s ever put on the shelves…