Jeremy Scott’s Latest adidas Roundhouse Mid Gets Scrapped

Jeremy Scott has been known for getting the consumers attention with his outrageous designs such as his Teddy Bear, Leopard, and Wings creations. But his latest adidas Roundhouse Mid design got him some unwanted attention. Although this model is inspired by a popular stuffed toy in the late 80’s and early 90’s called “My Pet Monster”, this model was criticized for the handcuffs for “closely resembling a symbol of slavery”.

Jeremy Scott is no stranger when it comes down to being inspired by cartoons and toys from his childhood like Mickey Mouse, teddy bears, and of course, My Pet Monster. This adidas Roundhouse Mid has inspiration from the toy throughout the shoe including the purple colorway and the orange handcuffs that was included with the toy. But after receiving an endless wave of criticism, adidas decided to pull the plug on this design. What are your thoughts on the design and the decision to discontinue the adidas Roundhouse Mid “Shackles”? via Washington Post

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  • OfficialKickz

    I bet greg street got em!

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Anything with shackles is in bad taste. It’s image is almost synonymous to slavery.

  • dotsupreme aka seanekicks

    so dumb i new they would try this when it hit the news so ridiculous and im mixed so i dont want to hear any of that race ish its fashion smh people today are just to soft

  • dotsupreme aka seanekicks

    and we are all slaves whether we admit it or not so we should all be rocking these…

  • we

    people are way to sensitive

  • bware113

    JS literally just attached a plastic chain to the shoe and the price went up 200$? That I find offensive.

    People see what they want to see, even if the evidence that proves them wrong is right there. Designed after a toy, but they choose to see slavery. I just see a half-assed design.

  • DC DunKing

    The inspiration from ‘MY PET MONSTER’ didnt translate at all. He should have focused on the actual monster, using the fur and crazy vibrant colors.
    Ive questioned JS’s design capabilities but as long as LIL WAYNE and other crappy rap stars wear his shoes, they wont stop.

    JS wings for the win, everything else is basically crap IMO.

  • ehh, they were lame.

  • snkrcritique

    Hate all the negative media attention they got. I could see if he had a ball attached to the chain but there’s none of that folks need to focus on the real issues and not what shoes kids are wearing these days

  • dotsupreme aka seanekicks

    i love people on here could not agree more..

  • FlashyFloy

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance.

  • @_FreshForever

    I believe people subconsciously think these brands try to mock minorities on purpose. Its hard for me to believe no-one at Adidas didn’t notice that these could be offensive. They probably felt people weren’t gonna take it that way.
    As we shouldn’t. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM, DON’T BUY THEM!!! Just don’t turn it into something its not just because you wanna cry about a misunderstanding. Adidas should’ve saw this coming, but I don’t think they should’ve scrapped them because of a misinterpretation. PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN TO ASK QUESTIONS AND CHILL OUT. If you’re not an JS or My Pet Monster fan, these don’t apply to you in any way.


    PS. I am Black, don’t own any JS, LOVE ADIDAS, and those Roundhouses are ugly ass hell to begin with.

  • 23edge

    My Pet Monster was the bomb… and anyone who agrees these shoes should get scrapped is a complete idiot. Shoes are made in sweat shops. Shoe companies control the governments to make sure wages stay low as possible in the global South. Before you start calling anything bad taste go fix the real slave labor problem of sweat shops. It’s like your fine with some asian person making shoes for $0.50 a day, but not when they make shoes with chains.

  • @_FreshForever

    ^^^^^ THANK YOU

  • atgbryan

    these shoes-lame, jeremy scott-lame, everyone getting their panties in a bunch-lame, my pet monster-not lame

  • Lem

    I’m ambivalent to the entire situation. I can see Scott’s attempt to be creative. However, I can’t understand how Adidas didn’t think that this design wouldn’t piss people off. I’m not a fan of JS designs anyway but I do believe it’s much ado about nothing.

  • Shoe String

    This stinks! I was so looking forward to copping a pair. The racist BS never crossed my mind when I seen these. How stupid. Thanks to everyone that ruined it for the rest of us.

    You know what Addidas just release them without the chain and give us a loose cuff. Or just release them without the cuff thing period.

    Please release these the colors are dope and I need these in my life.

  • Why is my name red. This would have wound up in Adidas outlets just like the “Kaws Roundhouse.

  • sagakontinues

    and here I thought this was for anti theft…

  • StupidFreshKicks

    @atgbryan- “preach” Lol!

  • one of those situations where i definitely believe people were up in arms over nothing. who was up in arms anyway? a small vocal minority? ruining things for the handful of people that would have copped these…not my cup of tea, but i’m black and i sure as hell didn’t see any slavery implications with these shoes.

  • Bobby

    @metatron, maybe not much of a big deal in the usa and I think that’s cool, especially when coloured people say ‘ what’s te problem with these shoes?’ thing is, down here in Europe they blow everything up, we got a holiday here (Netherlands) called ‘Sinterklaas’ an old saint would come with his helpers in december, they climb down the chimneys and put presents in the kids’ shoes, offcourse kids don’t know that their parents put the gifts in their shoes. Only the saints’ helpers are referred to as ‘zwarte pieten’ when you translate it you would get something like ‘black Jasons’ (or what name you could think of) The idea behind it was that the helpers are white but they turned black because of climbing down these chimneys, now people here (immigrants) are complaining that it’s racist, but it has absolutely nothing to do with racism, these people ruin things for other people. Down here they ruin Sinterklaas and for everyone and around the world they ruin this release. My opinion is that people have to know what they are talking about before they complain about something, when you know the reason, you know it has nothing to do with racism.

  • kvegas

    I am offended JS keeps getting called creative? LOL this guy attended clown college at best that being said I have seen worse so release this god-awful things honestly!

  • I agree with kvegas statement.

  • kickzkid23

    some one has a pair…..and the controversey is gonna make sum hypebeast rich…

  • snkrcritique

    @sagakontiues lmao best comment

  • GSneakerhead10101

    i dont see this design as racist. but i think that JS should have gone with the my pet monster hands or maybe the teeth on the side like the JS wings. but i still wouldnt cop the JS design.

  • GSneakerhead10101

    i have a question?? would u have to be dragging the handcuffs on the ground?

  • losi890

    So Quick question. An italian racial slur against african americans is Mulignan, meaning Eggplant. Does that mean we need to scratch the “Eggplant” foamposites, blazers, big Nikes, and every other shoe under that colorway? we can look up many silly instances and scream racism, or we can just enjoy creativity for what it is.

  • bladaoh

    wouldn’t cop but my god people need to chill the fuck out. Its a fucking shoe…people these days are too sensitive