Joe Haden Receives an Exclusive Air Jordan 7 to Start the NFL Season

joe haden air jordan 7 pe cleat browns

Cornerback Joe Haden, Michael Jordan’s newest signee, is already reaping the benefits of being Team Jordan and I’m sure he’s smiling ear to ear after receiving his own “Browns” Air Jordan 7 PE cleats. The Cleveland Browns kick off the NFL season against the New York Jets on Sunday, September 13th. We’ll be checking for some on foot images as Joe Haden will be taking on his competition in style. We can expect a whole new batch of PE’s to be unveiled really soon as Team Jordan includes several marquee players throughout the NFL.

PS: Thank the lord that the NFL is back!

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Professionally sarcastic, but I also enjoy cameras, orange juice, & airheads. instagram/twitter: @rayp_photos

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  • Dub

    Thought they was sneakers

  • omar najeeb

    Nah, its nothin’ but the devil’s work that the NFL season is back. Im already tired of MF’s at the “9-5” talkin shit for their teams & being haters (specifically eagles fans herassin’ cowboys fans) against other teams.

  • TypicalDouche

    Its America and we talking bout the NFL, they go hand in hand. In regards to Eagles fans, in no way are they as annoying, arrogant, and just stupid sounding like those fans of the Cowgirls and Giants.

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