TSG “Concord” T-Shirt Catalog

Come on now, you know TSG had to do it again. The Concord Air Jordan 11 is one of the most anticipated, if not the most anticipated release of 2011. We introduced our online catalog with the Space Jams and we even did a catalog for the Bordeaux Air Jordan 7 release. With that said, it was only right that we put together a Concord catalog. Sure, we understand that some of you think t-shirts made to match sneakers are corny, but we know there’s tons of people that love sneaker inspired tees. We took time out of our busy Holiday schedule to compile all the Concord inspired tees/apparel we could find, so hopefully you find this catalog helpful.

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Vandal-A Stormtrooper Tees available here

Vandal-A Concord Sketch Tee available here

Sneaker Boy Concord Tuxedo Apparel available here

Bird Club Clothing Concord Tee available here

Bird Club Clothing Biggie available here

Shewz Concord Tee available here

Bobby Fresh “Right on Time” Crew available here

Bobby Fresh “Right on Time” Tee available here

Bobby Fresh “Sole Icy Concord” Crew available here

Individual Johnny Concord Tee available here

Jordan Brand Concord Apparel available here and at Jordan accounts.

The Freshnes “Flight of Concords” Tee available here

The Freshnes “My Cords Be Killin’ ‘Em” Tee available here

The Freshnes “The Greatest of All Time” Tee available here

The Freshnes “CNCRD XI” Tee available here

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • John B.

    some of these aren’t bad at all…that jordan brand hoodie is awesome though!

  • AirJedi

    Stormtroopers + AJ 11 can’t go wrong….


  • solesearcher

    although not sneaker inspired, biggie one is crack!!!

  • my experience

    If you are going to cop from some of these guys, please have patience b/c they are flakey.

    Bird Club Clothing – didn’t respond to my inquiries about my order until i filed a paypal claim. IMO the shirt was low quality.

    Bobby Fresh – ordered a shirt and he kept saying it was shipped. So after 2wks I filed a paypal claim and the guy said the shirt was backordered but if I canceled the claim he would ship out. If you know anything about paypal, if you close the claim, you can’t reopen it. Dude was going to have my cash and not ship.

    The Frehsness – slow shipping as well. So i thought I could switch the size of my shirt due to it had not been shipped. I also didn’t know about the coupon to save % off. Never got a response on neither. Emailed dude from another account and b/c he thought I was a new customer, i got a response asap. When I told him who I was, dude went MIA on responses again.

    Just my experiences, you’ve been warned.

  • King James

    Vandal-A tees are by far the best.

  • jretro23

    Sorry to hear dude. But I’ve ordered from all 3 and haven’t had that problem.
    Bad timing I guess. But I’m def ordering again. Thanks TSG!!

  • Reggie

    Vandal-A Trooper tees are sick!!
    In my opinion its the best Jordan tee ever.
    I copped all three last week. Quality and shipping was on point.

  • Grind247

    Oh Yeah. Bobby fresh crew + sneaker boy tux= All I need .. But yea I’ve never ordered a shirt from online. I don’t really trust the quality. I once saw sum shirts in person that looked like heaven on the internet, but they felt like work-out/cut the grass type material. N I bet half of these shirts are wider than they look. That’s a no-no

  • Dope article….can’t say I’d ever wear any of these….just not my style at all….I did see the Jordan Brand shirt at Footlocker in Hawaii this weekend and it was nice….the bird club “Keep Em Icy” shirt’s the best of the bunch IMO.

  • I-DOES-this

    The red on the freshness tee is a turn off IMO. By far Bird Clubs “brush twice daily” is pretty on point on many aspects referring to the Concord 11. But posts like this makes it so much easier for the consumer! We need more

  • Serg252001

    I didn’t have any problems ordering either but good info.

  • aSh

    Had a prob. with the freshnes once with their Bordeaux bugs shirt was not the same as the grey one That was advertised… But Nes got back to me pretty quick and gave me a choice of either 50% off my next shirt or free ship and switch for the black bugz one… I opted for the 50% off deal… Never bought from the other sites…. Nice line up G-Roc really diggin the concord storm tee… Buuuuut U forgot 8&9 clothing!!! They have some of the hardest tees for the concords I advise everyone to check them out too…

  • Serg252001

    Yeah ash 8&9 is dope

  • Corey

    That Concord tee from Shewz is fresh. Not too loud, and actually has something to do with sneakers, and not just some random design in the Concord colorway.