Jordan 6-17-23 Black/Carmine/White

Yesterday we reported on the black/concord/orion blue Jordan 6-17-23. Today we have more Jordan 6-17-23 news for you. The black/carmine/white colorway is scheduled to hit stores on January 8th. The Jordan 6-17-23 retails for $145.

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  • erick10

    23s? I dont see it. I only see basically 17s and 6s. Looks like the CDP VIs and XV11s just fused lol. Shipment was to tight

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    More bad ideas!!! Don’t they know not to keep puttin concrete bricks on a sinking ship. Smh

  • Mike

    6+17=23 c’mon son

  • These are straight fresh…….GARBAGE

  • J Flo

    i dont the silhoutte is all that bad jus the colorway makes it look cut in half and put together

  • chadhalac


  • Fizzle

    LOL, I know people love hating on the fusions/off-brand Js but I think these are actually pretty dope.

  • hova

    Lmao I think they out of ideas, MJ step in and stop the maddness.

  • Super Wack, straight CHEEKS….

  • TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • squeaky soles


  • gotjordans?

    Part 6, part 17 and part 23? This is the stupest idea!!!

  • silentstare

    It looks plain incomplete, that’s so insulting… I thought JB was all about good attention, not bad attention for bringing out half-made concepts….

  • Itsmesnitches

    No need to make a comment, they speak for themselves!!!!!

  • TorontoSneakerHead

    Jordan is making some ugly ass shit

  • Blue Cheese


  • dumb

  • I’d rock these on the ball court and other types of fitness work.

  • chris

    makes me laugh when i look at it
    try harder next time guys

  • Air Jedi

    A black and Carmine colorway on a AJ 6 would be dope!!!!

  • Trey

    just release the 6

  • This colorway is awful. Seriously, what could they have been thinking? Who buys these?

  • Jerronimo

    These can be found at your local Marshalls in May of 2011…lol..for $59.99

  • Lem

    In my opinion they look okay. I just think JB is trying to hard. I would wear them if given to me but I wouldn’t buy unless they dropped to like $80.

  • @alsneaks

    looks like a product of JB inbreeding