Jordan Brand 2013 All-Star Collection

Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_GROUP_v1_large“By the time you see me coming, it’s too late.” Micheal Jordan’s approach to the game of basketball is similar to his quote. It seem like MJ was always a few steps ahead of everyone else. Jordan Brand’s 2013 All-Star Collection is inspired by MJ’s stealthy style of play. The collection consists of the AJ1, AJ3, Melo M9, and the CP3.VI models respectively.

Each model is inspired by the latest Air Jordan XX8 night vision-inspired look. Some of the models feature integrated UV ink throughout the upper that illuminates under black light. Check out the official images of the Jordan Brand 2013 All-Star Collection and check out the release dates on each model below.

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Michael Jordan once said: “By the time you see me coming, it’s too late.” His quote, and the way he approached the game of basketball throughout his career, inspired the stealth aesthetic featured in the Air Jordan XX8. The special Jordan pack, comprised of an Air Jordan I, Air Jordan III, Jordan MELO M9 and Jordan CP3.VI, takes its color cues from the Air Jordan XX8’s night vision-inspired look.

The pack will be sold in two separate offerings scheduled for February 14 and 16. The first two shoes available in the pack will be the Jordan MELO M9 and the Jordan CP3.VI. Both products will feature integrated UV ink throughout the upper that illuminates when viewed under black light. The MELO M9 features a glowing outsole while the CP3.VI features an illuminated Podulon midsole when exposed to black light. The offering on February 16 will feature an Air Jordan I Retro Mid and an Air Jordan III that will include the color cues aligned to the Air Jordan XX8. The Air Jordan I, which was first released in 1985, features a glowing outsole, laces and Jumpman logo when exposed to black light. The Air Jordan III, which debuted in 1988, features an electric green outsole and collar that draw inspiration directly from the color scheme of the Air Jordan XX8. The pinnacle performance product of the weekend will be the Air Jordan XX8. Jordan Brand athlete Russell Westbrook debuted the latest iteration of the classic Jordan line on December 4. Consumers will have the opportunity to purchase two different color combinations of the Air Jordan XX8, including the black/white/electric green version (pictured above).

Canyon/Purple/Electric Green/Black/Pure Violet

Black/Electric Green/Canyon/Purple/Pure Violet

Air Jordan XX8
Black/White/Electric Green

AJ I Mid
Black/Electric Green/Canyon/Purple/Pure Violet

Black/Electric Green/Cayanne/Purple/White

Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ1AJ3_normal_v1_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ1AJ3_glow_v1_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ1_LAT_blk_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ1_normal_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ1_LAT_Glow_blk_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ1_glow_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ3_LAT_blk_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ3_normal_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ3_LAT_Glow_blk_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJ3_glow_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_CPMELO_normal_v1_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_CPMELO_glow_v1_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_CP3_LAT_blk_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_CP3_normal_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_CP3_LAT_Glow_blk_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_CP3_glow_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_MELO_LAT_blk_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_MELO_normal_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_MELO_LAT_Glow_blk_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_MELO_glow_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_AJXX_normal_large Jordan_2013_AllStar_Ftwr_XX8_LAT_blk_large

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  • Lem

    Interesting. I really want to see how the XX8’s feel on foot.

  • SPINS6136

    No clue what inspired this color scheme for this years All Star stuff.

    But nothing fits more than a good ‘ol WTF!

  • DeathOverDesigner

    Wack. No one is seeing nike’s all star collection this year

  • Not really feeling anything. Only thing that caught my attention are the xx8’s. Would like to see how they look wit the flaps rolled down.

  • omar najeeb

    i’ont kno bout them 28s ( I’m not usin that silly half roman numeral thing jb is usin for the shoe). The shoe in the pic looks like an alien’s foot or bruce banner’s foot in mid-transformation to the Hulk! The melo’s r nice. The 1s & 3s are grade school fodder. Cris pauls: not mad at them either. They aight