Jordan Brand Holiday 2012 Price Change????

It sure is fun working with footwear/sneaker media and being G-Roc. Everything (well, almost everything) comes my way. From photos you can’t leak or talk about, rumors, and then there’s always information that you get to see with your very own eyes. Whether it be an e-mail or tangible documents, you better believe most of it comes my way. Hey, that’s just a small portion of my lovely job. *Smiling*

My homies at Sneaker News posted the new prices today. It appears that the prices have been changed to $160 for the Air Jordan 4 November launch, and $185 for the Air Jordan 11 December launch. Too much backlash yesterday??? So, what’s going on? Just know that I can type a 10,000 word article on this topic, but it’s really not necessary at this point.

Anyone that’s been down with TSG, knows how we get down. If it’s a rumor or potential info, we always make that very clear. But when we confirm a story like the one yesterday, you better believe it’s because we have proof. Just know I have and will continue to keep it 100, and like SN said, “It had been reported yesterday by REPUTABLE sources…” You get the point.

Why would G-Roc make up a bogus story like that, especially when TSG has a relationship with Jordan Brand? Another question to ask yourself: Who runs a false story with so much concrete details?

I will say this: Politics as usual!

Just know, I have The Smoking Gun. Jordan heads, you’re welcome! *Kobe Voice*

P.S. – The bad news is now good news. Rejoice!

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  • Gee

    Too much backlash fo sho! There was no way they could justify this price increase so they had to crawl back



  • dotsupreme

    we all know its because jb seen that so many heads were heated so they changed that real quick if every one was hush hush about it we would be paying 200 hundo and 180

  • weezy23

    Ill would bet they saw all the backlash that their price increase was gonna cause and DELAYED it. Its still gonna happen eventually but for me it dont matter once I get my cool grey and olive 9s im out the shoe game got plenty of grails and heat to rock a new everyday for almost a year so time to keep it moving! Also big shout out to G Roc who has kept me informed and legit for almost 5 years so I appreciate TSG to the fullest!

  • Tone


  • AlSneaks

    if you’re JB how do you minimize backlash on yet another price increase on XIs? you mask it with rumors of an even bigger price increase.

    1. it makes it appear like JB cares and listens to the community by giving the illusion that they’ve done us a favor.
    2. people will now pay the $185 with a smile on their face! THANK YOU JB 🙂

    there was a similar backlash with the space Jam price increase and JB didn’t bat an eyelash. just sayin…..

  • inluvwitkicks

    I believe they saw the words boycott & didn’t want that. Either way for me after this year I’m done. It’s gettin way to hectic for shoes.

    Thanks G-Roc & TSG. For being honest & letting so many ppl voice there concerns.

  • C Brown

    @G..never doubted you for a minite homie….I applaud the courage to write this article…Because you were the 1ST to actually CONFIRM the price changes..which MANY FOLLOWED (only SN posted the source of the information with acknowledgements)…
    In the business that is the internet as well as blogs quite to often people either claim information that IS NOT theres to be there own or just throw things against the wall to see if they stick…I applaud what TSG stands for..which is true Journalism…Mark my words (and G write this down somewhere) When TSG transforms itself from a “sneaker blog” (which it evolved years ago people are just noticing now) to a lifestyle center…this will be the moment that should be remembered…
    Again..Im glad you wrote the article and Im sure if any one out there starts questioning your journalistic integrity Im sure you can post either stock pics or emails…But honestly…you shouldnt have to…I believe in G…
    Faithfull readier since day 1 (okay it was like half of the 1st year but who’s….)

  • C Brown

    Now post all them stashed pics you got of them Yeezy 2’s…..(I sent them…crazy).

  • C Brown

    Sorry meant SEEN THEM….Still CRAZY.

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    THANKS G-ROC… but still JB can kiss my @$$. I’m backing down from the shoe game (not your website) because there are bigger thangs for me to conquer (like owning another house) I’ve hit 100+ shoes and I think that might be enough for me for the rest of my life…(unless some SERIOUS heat drops) But I will still buy kix for my son to wear. It’s not his fault JB is being an @$$

  • 23edge

    The price was never an issue for me. But G-Roc do you have any info about the releases themselves? like what will be different from past releases… paint, jumpman logo, shape, box..

  • Lem

    I’m not worried about the price increase because I had no intention on getting either pair. Not something that I want or need.

  • Executive

    Really no difference between $185 and $200. I could quit this shoe crap right now and be completely alright. Got all my grails and then some so I’m good.

  • The Neugent

    Yea i agree with everyone one else. Jordan will end up raising the prices eventually and by that time people will give up on the brand. eventually. G-Roc smart move to report on more shoe cause thats what we will all looking for in the coming years.

  • Joe

    We all know by now G-rocs the godfather of the shoe game..this is where I heard the breds were dropping and this is where I heard about the price raise..TSG is the truth

  • Jeron

    I still got an uneasy feeling about the price increases looming around the corner. Giving up Nike/JB for good is still on my mind for real. I don’t call this a victory when they still managed to slap 5$ onto the AJ11’s. 5$ is 5$ and in this economy every penny counts. I know Nike/JB don’t value us as customers when they treat us like fiends.You think Nike/JB would do something special for all their customers which made them No. 1#. Just because your not making soles on a waffle irons anymore doesn’t mean you can treat people like sh!#. I’ve been buying your products for almost 2 decades now and have never been given anything but price increases from your company. It would be nice if you rolled back the prices a little more and came up with a way to thank all your customers. Hey why not a customers PE Air Jordan or something that cost us next to nothing to purchase. Let us vote on the model and colorway of the sneaker. Maybe TSG can run the poll for our votes. After all where would Nike/JB be without customers like us..

  • my last pick ups for this year will be the cool grey 9s, johnny kilroys, and those 4s. my wife said i had to cut down on the sneaker ish last week when i picked up the low 11s.. i havent missed anything from this year not even the galaxy foams, living down here in florida, but i havent broken them in yet. either way i am not planning on picking these up because i already have a couple of pairs of breds, dont need more, maybe pick them up for my son?

    anyway thanks G-Roc you always put out the real ish

  • Ok I’m back bitches! Hahaha!! I can’t do another price increase though.. No more.

  • oh and i will also be picking up the reebok questions

  • Duuuuuuuude… don’t sweat it! Not for once would I question you running info. like that especially knowing that TSG does have a relationship with JB.

    Funny how people think JB is “listening”! We’ve called them out on using sub-par materials for years now… and they don’t seem to be addressing that much!

  • of course the prices will eventually go up…they’ll probably go up all around so that instead of just paying a jacked up price around holiday season, you’ll be paying a jacked up price year round. i would really like to hear from a nike executive why shoes that retailed for much less 20-25 years ago are the price they are now. think about it like this. a super nintendo, released in 1991, cost $200. the nintendo gamecube, released 10 years later, cost $200 yet featured insanely better technology. yet nike can somehow get away with releasing the same old stuff at higher prices? i guess i should really blame us, the sneaker buying public, for allowing them to get away with it.

  • John B.


  • John B.


  • Sek

    Still $160 and $185 isn’t right. Drop it down to $150 and $175. They’ll still make the money regardless. Those IV are the last 3 and last Js I pick up this year. I got the white/cement and the Olympics vi I’ll scoop up and I’m good. Next year they’ll raise the price again.

  • Ht

    I don’t know who told you about the price increases but I own a store and we put our orders in a month ago and the prices for retail was $160 for the 4’s and $185 for the 11’s. If your complaining about price increase you should really look around you. Everything has gone up. Gas $4 and higher for example. It’s sad but it’s not that serious. If you don’t buy them I’m sure someone else will.