Jordan Brand Promises Better Quality Starting Spring 2015

Jordan Brand Promises Better Quality Starting Spring 2015


Jordan Logo Fingers and laces 2015

On fixing the Jumpman…

“He has fingers and shoe laces.”

Take a look at the 4 you’re wearing and look at his hand and look at this (2015 Oreo 4 Jumpman). He has fingers and shoe laces. We had to redo all of the molds. Michael has fingers and shoe laces on the Jumpman logo, so I need the Jumpman on the 4 to have fingers and shoe laces.

On paint chipping…

If you’re talking about painted midsoles chipping on 3s and 4s that’s inevitable over time. It’s inevitable because you’re flexing something that’s painted in particular spots.

  • elhambone

    how about hiring American workers? just sayin’..

  • Jordan

    Good read. As the quality of fakes is increasing, they should also implement a counterfeit detection (hologram, uv marking, etc).

  • Idojs2345

    Bout Time. People are gonna say why raise the price. There is really nothing anybody can and will do about it. I buy J’s and see the price go up. The thing is, I still keep buying them. Along with many other people. “Supply and Demand” LeBron’s shoes are $200 plus…. It was only a matter of time before Jordan Brand got on the band wagon. No matter what price they are, People still gonna camp, still gonna fight, and the shoes will still sell out. The Retro line makes all the money. So of course they will use better quality as an excess to raise the price.

  • AlSneaks

    My Toro 4s began cracking after 2 casual wears. we aren’t asking for an invincible shoe, but is something longer lasting too much? they’re talking about better quality, but don’t even acknowledge the sole painting needs some tweaks for durability? c’mon mannn…

  • omar najeeb

    No matter what the phuk happens, mf’ers are still gonna complain and/or cop .

  • Godivine

    I’m gracefully bowing out in 2015; I see the tactics…1love

    If it was a true culture I would go to war like Dame Dash, uno

  • Bangin

    Better quality or not i dont think they should raise the price. Even though i am a GS 7 i dont see the need. The quality of the shoes shouldve already been “Great” at the same damn price. Dont raise the quality to where it already should’ve been then raise the price to where it doesnt need to be. I’m still going to buy my shoes regardless, but the price is definitely an issue to alot of ppl as well.

  • Just Kicks

    TSG does it again. You guys killed it with this interview. So much great info straight from the horses mouth. I can’t wait for Oreo and Columbia IVs.

  • SB

    Great read! I can always depend on the to bring quality and diverse content. Best sneaker blog in the game.

    Wait til I get my money right! JB finally stepping it up.

  • MikeyDrums86

    I don’t see how 10 yrs ago the price was $130-$150 with premium materials and now the price is $160-$180 with phony ish and now the price is gonna jump $15-$20 because they’re “getting as close as possible to matching old material”?!? f uck that im glad theres only a couple older J’s left on my list

  • Jumping Man

    Price imcrease doesn’t bother me much at least now it’s warranted. People pay way over the increase to resellers. Why not give JB more $$$ for a better product?

  • curtdiggler

    funny thing is they couldve just raised the price on the current product and it would still sell out…lol

  • Really

    Like someone said above “I see the tactics”, people are really blinded by this move. Acting like JB hasn’t been giving us garbage quality for the past couple of years passing it off as premium. Now they’ll go back to premium for maybe a year or two then go right back to the same shit and keep the price increase there so you idiots talking bout “YAY” will continue to pay $200+ for shitty quality down the road. Man, gotta hand it to JB though, they really know how to keep their sheep in check.

  • QBlow

    Now I see what G was doing in Beaverton this week, lol. At Nike’s WHQ getting exclusive content for the site. I have so much respect for the hard work TSG puts into getting content. Flying out to Beaverton for an interview…. much respect!! I like how open and honest Dave was in this interview.

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw the blurred out 4 on the table? When can we see the full reveal? :)

  • Biga173rd

    About F*cking Time!! But that Price increase I don’t agree. JB will still make a Ton of money leaving the price the way it is.

  • AJ head

    They are going to raise the retail price at same time(smh)

  • Ray P

    Qblow.. lol great eye there…

    at the end of the day they are willing to pay a high premium for leathers so in turn the customer must be willing to pay an extra 20-25$ … if you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to. plenty of other brands out there for you guys. lol dont get too mad atleast the most important issue which was quality is being addressed.

    thank you guys for checking out the lengthy read as well! you guys are the real MVPs!

  • omar najeeb

    “Word” to mikeyD & god…
    Jam, & lum 11s left for me. Then I’m oooouuut!

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    Paying $170 and up should automatically get you great quality!

  • Davon

    Man, I’m with the best team. This is dope.
    That price increase, though.. man. People are already throwing so much money away for these shoes, but a 10-15% increase? Wonder how reselling is gonna get affected.

  • FlyssFxxlie

    I’m glad to see like minded individuals who can see through the BS. I’m also a GS size 6.5. And it’s a shame to see ppl that don’t understand that we the consumers hold the key. But I know what I can and will do and that’s not falling for the hype. So my hard earned money won’t support the madness.

    Peace & one love

  • 23edge

    For me there’s always an issue that tops another issue solved by Jordan Brand. Problems in numerical order: loss of Jumpman; lack of OG retros; lack in quality, price going up, and now lack in quanTities (lol). So… while having better quality sneakers is a great thing, the ability to buy a shoe you want is out of hand. My wish would be to make OG retros readily available.

  • oldschoolrulz

    Thats why I sit back in the fut and let you guys waste money on them overpriced cheap kicks smh. While I continue to collect classic 90’s era trainers, running, basketball ish that have 2ay better quality and they last longer lol.

  • Chris H.

    Sorry to say but alot of people don’t buy Jordans b/c they’re great. It’s become they want to flip them. Meaning they going to buy regardless.

  • Ray.

    Although the price is a lil steeper, i just hope they re-retro the cement and bred IVs. I had to pass on both pair bc not only did they change the color but the quality was entirely too low. And cemet IVs are my favorite sneaker period. I remember buying the Olympics VIIs. Getting them home, tried them on and immediately threw em back in the box and took em to the mall and sold em to somebody in line bc they felt terrible. They hurt my feet walking from the living room to the bedroom. So I’m glad for the change. I’m happier than pharrell

  • Need_more_kicks

    To TSG Thanks for the outstanding interview. I’ve been rockin with you guys for the last 11 yrs, mostly just reading and enjoying the content of your site, and the quality of your work is great. ????????????

    To JB From a kid that grew up idolizing MJ and what he did in Cihicago. Growing up through the camp outs and cutting school to get a pair of “Mikes” the only thing I would like to see more than anything is the availability of shoes increase. I love the fact that the quality will get better regardless of the fact that it has been absolutely horrendous in recent years. The reselling, shooting of consumers, etc. will only stop if the shoes are available. JB will not lose money if 2-3 times more shoes are produced for your consumers. The true sneaker lovers will go back to buying multiples of shoes like we used to, instead of having to do God knows what to get a shoe that we are not pleased with in the long run; have to pass on a shoe just because the game isn’t what it used to be from top to bottom.

    To Us Please name one thing that you purchase today that cost the same price as it did 10 years ago. Anything??? Nothing is the same as it used to be. Adapt and overcome.

  • Chevy Boy

    Great job on the interview G-Roc. This opened my eyes to a lot. The quality issue was forever gonna get pressed until something was done about it. I completely understand the price increase, & I think people should just get over it. Either you’re gonna pay the increase to Jordan Brand, or you’re gonna pay it to resellers. If you’re not gonna pay to either, stop complaining about it. That simple. Kudos to Jordan Brand and Nike to opening their ears to the consumers and taking action. People like me REALLY appreciate your efforts. Thank you!

  • E Haynes

    Sounds like a Domino’s Pizza commercial. .. basically taking ownership for selling BS over the years. Admitting it’s poor quality and still selling is more insulting than saying nothing…

  • omar najeeb

    ^ WORD!!

  • sirfresh

    at the end of the day we still going to buy them… enough said

  • P Didddy

    Sounds about right, considering now they are competing with all the top fashion houses (Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Giuseppe Zanotti, etc.) jumping into the sneaker game.

  • Young_Willyummm

    I never understood why people tell everyone “they’re not buyin after [insert date].” Like cool that’s great but what’s the point? To seem cool? Like you’re better than everybody lol nobody cares if you not buyin em anymore and chances are you will still be buyin em so stop faking lol

  • omar najeeb

    Don’t come here trollin’.

  • http://Shoegame Told myself not to read the comments

    That’s funny… I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Tsai bi kuan

    Made in China is bad.
    But made in USA or Taiwan is good .

  • Mater

    LOL @ the dude who said he been rockin with tsg for the past 11 years

  • Steve

    I’ve been buying polo shirts Girbaud pants Polo boots (Ralph Lauren)for over ten years prices barely change. But jb change prices on every release 160,150,170,175,185, .Just stick with a damn price and make the shoe accordingly .

  • sek

    aka an excuse to jack up the price to $250 retail and resellers and mom and pop stores charging $500 smh RIP sneaker game

  • sneakerphile42

    an excuse to jack up the price? How is it an excuse? You bitched and moaned about the quality being crap and they’re fixing it. The materials are better and the craftsmanship will be better. Better materials cost more money, why do you think the special releases cost more than the GR release? Y’all aren’t the brightest crayons in the box.

  • lickmysneakers

    thank you for this info @theshoegame. it makes sneakerheads feel better that JB didnt just keep running from the problems. people talk about price hikes. a new car 5 years ago is different now. this is called life.

  • BorDoughBoy

    We’ll see.

  • Benny frank

    7 years too late. Retro Jordan’s have peaked in the last 4 years in popularity. They have hit rock bottom to the purist. Consumers are tired of the Jordan bs and are spending their money on NIke Basketball line NSW and other brands such as new balance, asics and adidas.

  • Casey

    Prices for shoes these days are absolutely grotesque. Honestly they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Good thing I’ll be working at Nike one day designing shoes that way I’ll get them for free cuz I will never pay ridiculous priced retail for shoes. IT’S GONNA HAPPEN

  • TrishKnows

    Anyone on the receiving end of new releases would have to agree “that new shoe smell” has become more and more toxic. Looking forward to the delivery of those New Jordans. That’s going to be some Fresh Air.