Jordan Brand Unveils the Air Jordan XX8

Today was a big day for Jordan Brand and Jordan fans worldwide. Why? Well, today was the official unveiling of the Air Jordan XX8. Jordan Brand held the media event today, December 3 in New York. was on hand at the event, so stay tuned for the media event recap. As for the Air Jordan XX8, its set to release February 16, 2013. The retail price is $250. Tinker Hatfield designed the shoe XX8. That’s a brief rundown of the shoe for those that don’t care to know the inspiration and technology breakdown.

Read the press release below:

Today, Jordan Brand, a division of NIKE, Inc., unveiled the AIR JORDAN XX8, the 28th shoe in the AIR JORDAN franchise. It will be available in Houston only on February 15, 2013, and then nationwide on Saturday, February 16, for a suggested retail price of $250.

The AIR JORDAN XX8 boasts an ultra-modern stealth design for elite performance including more technological advances than any AIR JORDAN to date. The AIR JORDAN XX8 – the most tested and lightest AIR JORDAN ever – has an industry-changing first: the Jordan Flight Plate, a Pebax® moderator plate that maximizes the responsiveness of the Nike Zoom units through compression and deflection for optimal performance by essentially unlocking the airbags in the forefoot and heel, unleashing the power of the Zoom bags.

Also featured in The AIR JORDAN XX8 is Dynamic Fit technology that uses internal straps to wrap up from the midsole and integrate with the laces for lightweight support that moves with the foot providing additional lockdown support and comfort.

“The AIR JORDAN XX8 is a reflection of Jordan Brand’s progression in the name of basketball performance,” said Larry Miller, President of Jordan Brand. “This newest iteration of our franchise shoe will further solidify Jordan Brand’s premium and innovative position within the industry.”

The AIR JORDAN XX8 also features a high-performance, stretch-synthetic shroud that provides a sleek exterior, while a molded external heel counter is made of carbon fiber for lightweight support. A multidirectional outsole pattern provides excellent traction and durability for the court. Schoeller mesh, a Swiss fabric used in premium motorcycling jackets, is used in the shroud that encompasses the AIR JORDAN XX8 to provide an extra layer of support, stability and style for the athlete.

The AIR JORDAN XX8 continues to inherit inspirational cues from the legacy of Michael Jordan combining innovative technology and premium materials set to inspire those that consider themselves the best at their level.

Designed by legendary shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, Vice President of Special Projects/Design for NIKE, and Jordan Brand Developer Josh Heard, the duo led a team who worked hand-in-hand with Michael Jordan to create the AIR JORDAN XX8.

“With the ongoing evolution of the game shoe, I encourage our entire function to push the boundary when it comes to design, technology and performance,” said Tinker Hatfield. “The AIR JORDAN XX8 shoe really is basketball’s answer to the concept car.”

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  • 23edge

    blowing my mind how the 2 turns into a 3

  • Beanz

    I gotta get em. I just want to see more colorways.

  • wow i hope all the kids don’t start hyping the current sneaker and make it hard ti get like those retros. can’t wait till these come out.

  • yung crac

    Oh how cute a remake of the gary paytons! Wack

  • Boozeboy

    These are wack. Should at least be able to take the whole sleeve off

  • 11_Spacejams

    I like!

  • Guess Who?

    Guess it’s all about performance now (not like I’m complaining)

  • Sole Seriouz

    These kinda looks like Gary Payton’s joint.
    Not bad. But not good either. Might grow on me later on though.

  • KP

    Too much going on. Need to see more photos before making a final call tho.

  • iufreak18

    Good looking, I like that it’s all about performance. Definitely want to try on b4 buying. Jordan’s never feel as good as I wish they would.

  • James T

    Eh. Kinda wack. Better than the 2012 model tho.

  • puffypro

    yo im i big jordan fan i have countless jordans , but wtf this is the uglyest shoe ever ,mindless people are going to get them just because there jordans . its sad what the sneaker game has came too. fake sneakerheads and wana be’s. real heads stand up and keep it real these are trash.and then 250 for some kick whats going on, seriously . uugggghhh i should start a blog for real sneakerheads not the mindless zombies that buy just whatever people tell is hot or just cuz it has a jumpman or nike logo or if they put foamposite on it. i bet you can take a pair of $20 skeckers and slap a jumpman on it and you idiots would pay $200 for it. im done smh.

  • Finally!!! A Jordan shoe that I can see Mike ACTUALLY wearing in a game since the XX3!!! Great look..great innovation!!!

  • SPINS613

    I’m sure the tech is wonderful. They probably perform very well.

    But I can’t justify spending $250 for something I can’t even stand to look at. It’s just not an attractive product.

    It’s nothing new from an aesthetics point of view. I hate to keep bringing up the GP rference, but basically it’s what it comes down to.

    Lastly, I always think to myself, since he stopped playing. Would MJ really rock these on the court? I just don’t think, the “numbered” line, the actually “Air Jordan” is….well…….this.

    You could have taken all that tech, all those hot features this shoe has, and made something much more simplistic, yet ground breaking, without looking like a combat Navy SEAL bootie.

  • treypa

    I like cus its finally something kinda new! take a chance. im sure they feel amazing on foot… good job on trying something NEW

  • From what I can see so far I really like them alot when u unzip them. I would defin wear them with a nice outfit with the zipper down. And they sound as if they are designed well for ball as well.

  • Executive

    They jokin, this is the boot batman gonna wear in the next movie!

  • Executive

    Maybe I’ll cop for when I go scuba diving. Haven’t bought a newer model j since the stealth 2011 which I bought for $86.

  • Supa B

    hot gobbage!!!

  • Executive

    Harley DavidsonxJordan Brand

  • gotjordans

    What happened to naming it Air Jordan 2013?

  • gotjordans

    So, is Russell Westbrook gonna rock these? Looks like D-Wade left JB just in time! LOL

  • omar najeeb

    C’mon fellas! Y’all ain’t felin da joints? I’m kiddn. I undrstand peoples probs w’em. I thnk they kinda cool unzppd. Who the hell would wear em zppd up other than pro ball players? And who’d pay that suggretl othr thn pro ball player?

  • omar najeeb

    Oh yeah! Props on the “23” logo that sh”” is stupid dope. And thank u u JB for returnig to referencing em by the number. Wtf was that aj2009, 2010, etc bbullsh–about anywho?

  • sneaksandwingtips

    Penny and Lebron killin Jordan right now lol. What is Nike trying to say???