Jordan CMFT Viz Air 11

The Jordan Comfort series was originally supposed to debut Spring 2011, but Jordan Brand gives us an early taste of the Jordan CMFT Air 11. The first shoe to launch from the Air Jordan CMFT series will release as a quickstrike release on September 4th.

Comfort meets classic with the first shoe launched in the Air Jordan CMFT Series.

Our high-performance Air Jordan basketball shoes are battle-tested and crafted to help take your game to the next level. Now we’re adding the comfort and quality you would expect on the hardwood to your everyday gear with the launch of the CMFT series. The CMFT Viz Air 11’s are the first of a casual series inspired by the Air Jordan line, and we’re committed to providing you with off-court options that deliver the Jordan style that you expect.

The CMFT 11 features the distinguishable upper that you’ll recognize from the Air Jordan XI, built on a visible air-cushioning system and translucent elephant-print sole. You can get your hands on these low-profile, high-comfort CMFT 11’s on September 4. via Jumpman23

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  • Cheeks

    on the fence, like a hungry dog…

  • John B

    i still dont think they are that bad but the pearls come first that weekend. maybe when these hit the sales rack ill pick some up if they look good in person

  • C Mills

    Love 11’s even if they are look alikes.These go stupid.. But a gift from Me(Mills) to everyone.. My latest and greatest creation(mixtape), ALL CAPS!! Free Download, ENJOY!! Twitter @datboymillie

  • sneakz-n-billz

    air Max 1 n Jordan 11? not too bad Im curious to see how they feel

  • Swaggin-Cort

    Whats the retail price?

  • FLiP

    if they are comfy then they will be coppped. i hope they hit the sales rack for a while.

  • These are so f%#$ing ugly.

  • HURRIC@N3 24

    I’m getting the White/Blue ones 🙂

  • HyeStyleKid

    I know that I said I like the shoebut for some reason I cant go for these it throws me off too much for some reason

  • These just don’t do much for me. Not bad looking, but I don’t plan on buying them.

  • Afrikickz

    So weak, Nike an Jordan brand have went to the dogs. Outlet malls here they cum, I think the sneaker bizness is going strictly to BS. Note to Nike an JB just keep dropping retros an y’all will b aight n my book. Quit da foolishness.

  • bright


  • Sneakers O’Toole

    me likey

  • JB


  • Truly Fresh23

    real nice..and i heard super super limited..i guess only time will tell..not sure which pair i want yet but i’ll know next sat for sure

  • Eric


  • keith

    i’d like to see some more colorways, but i like the red ones.

  • keith

    oh my gosh, i can’t wait for more models. as much as i hate fusions, i love these.

  • Oh man… I hope these offer a LOT more quality than we’ve been “expecting” from their basketball line! LoL… funny people they have there in JB marketing department!
    Neither CW is for me… but I’m still interested in this kick. Both of these CW’s are easily outdone by the Reebok Question low

  • BoCo

    This is the result of Tinker Hattfields 2 most revolutionary sneaker designs… I think its straight heat imo. deff copping

  • These would be wonderful shoes to wear….to your first day at clown college.

  • BRINX aka Dont Get Mad Get Money


  • another booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • chris

    the red ones are sick



  • Lil Lou AKA The Texas Chainsaw

    RED.ONES.WILL.BE.BOUGHT…..I think this is a very nice shoe. Im really looking forward to what cw’s jb is going to push out from this model.

  • sci

    just got the red ones very nice

  • BRINX aka Dont Get Mad Get Money


  • Chevyboy

    I just don’t like these…

  • K-I-double-D

    Not cool

  • fortydogg

    da blues clean should have air max and swoosh on da back

  • I would/will prolly pick the Reds up at a discounted price…Ill have to see them in person 1st and see what a sz 12 looks like

  • sci

    they are not true 2 size if you are a 12 get a 13

  • POPS


  • @sci i rock a 9.5 usually. should i got w/ a 10 or 10.5?

  • freshbynature22

    Wow. These look like some serious fakes…never would wear these

  • seVIIn

    i seen some dudes that work for jb rockin some all black ones

  • Truly Fresh23

    @sevIIn- i saw a dude that works for JB rockin them a couple weeks ago too..lookin ill

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