Jordan Flight Club ’91 – First Look

The Air Jordan 6 has seen its fair share of hybrids these past few years like the Air Jordan 6-17-23 model. First spotted a few months ago and it was first named the Jordan Blueprint. Fast forward a few months later and it looks like JB decided to change the name of the model to the Flight Club ’91. The Flight Club ’91 is like an updated version of the AJ6. It has a redesign upper that features vents and holes similar to some Huarache designs.

No word of an exact release date as of yet, but be sure to stay tuned to TSG as the latest updates develops. Let us know in the comment section below if this Jordan Flight Club ’91 is a hit or miss.

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Image: johnandrew13/NT

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  • JB

    These are a definite miss just like most hybrid J’s

  • SoleAmbition23

    Meh..not feeling them so much

  • gotjordans

    crap, just like the other stupid hybrids Jordan Brand makes. Just stick to retros!

  • SPINS6136

    Looks like a bright blue butt dart.

  • Yellow1k


  • Err…

  • B2sick

    (Big Sean voice) ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass

  • The NewJent

    These are straight knock offs. There’s no way that JB is even thinking of creating these.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Slaps forehead…

    Goes to wall…

    Smacks forehead off of wall a few times…

    Returns to the post…

    Nothing helps when looking at these!

  • bluemagic305

    bobcat colors so you know they suck

  • LG

    Seen these yesterday..just horrible. JB make more chinatown kicks

  • omar najeeb

    Over the years basically nike gets credit for being nike. They do hit mor than they miss. But did they even ask anyone one the street bout how these mite be received by sneaker public?

  • mask

    these are ugly like most hybrids and cheap like most retros.

  • Wolfboii

    The only hybrids that work are the Spizike’s