Jordan Fly Wade 2 Miami Media Event

Dwyane Wade’s second Jordan shoe, the Fly Wade 2, officially hit stores December 7. To coincide with the launch of the Fly Wade 2, Jordan Brand hosted a Fly Wade 2 media event in Miami. Select media outlets were invited to Miami for the event, and TSG was on hand for the Fly Wade 2 experience.

The event started off with D.Wade sharing his thoughts about the Fly Wade 2. Wade spoke on what he likes the most about his new signature shoe, design inspiration, how the Fly Wade 2 helps improve his game, new upgrades, his new logo, etc. One interesting aspect that D.Wade pointed out was the Aston Martin played a role in the design process. Wade also expressed his interest for a matte finish on his new sneaker.

But aside from style and inspiration, Dwyane also took time to point the performance quality of the Fly Wade 2. Since he’s a player that spends a lot of time in the air, it was important that the Fly Wade 2 was built to help enhance his game. Wade voiced his concern for a lightweight shoe that offers innovative breathability, and in return Hyperfuse was applied to the upper. Weighing in at 12oz, the Fly Wade 2 also offers a Lunarlon midsole which allows D.Wade to have a soft landing after his explosive dunks.

Creative Director for Jordan Brand, Andre Doxey, also joined Dwyane in the Fly Wade 2 discussion. Dox broke down the technical components of the shoe and highlighted the main features. In addition to the tech details, Doxey and Wade both revealed the Christmas Jordan Fly Wade 2. After the introduction, media was allowed to ask Dwyane Wade and Andre Doxey questions.

Immediately after the Q&A, it was time to take flight. Jordan Brand’s goal was to convert media members into aerial superstars like D.Wade. With the help of a trampoline, we were allowed to take flight in the Jordan Fly Wade 2. Take a closer look at highlights from the event by clicking through the photo gallery below.

The Jordan Fly Wade 2 is in stores now, and look for some exciting releases in the near future.

Stay tuned for more Jordan Fly Wade 2 coverage.

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  • Look… it’s a red shoe with green laces… let’s call it a Christmas shoe! LoL… smh

    Gotta admit… if I was a high school baller all over again… I’d rock this or the Lebron 9 on the court for sure! Not today though… not for off the court appeal!

  • I’m with 4D on this one, these probably are a great ballin shoe but I’m just not feelin it as an everyday shoe. However… With the right colorway, I think I could hop on board, kind of like the 2011.

    Side note: That pic of G-Roc hittin the under the leg dunk though, haha.

  • bahahhahaahahaha… G-ROC: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY…

  • with the get up they gave yall the fly wades dont look that bad, BUT i feel like tinker should design a shoe for wade since he is JB premier athlete

  • looks like it was a great event…but are u saying i will literally be able to fly with this shoe? lol jp

  • ^Yep. The Fly Wade 2 will take you on a flight ride. Ha!