Jordan Girls & Boys Spring 2010 Line Up

Jordan Girls Spizike Grey Blue

How could we possibly report on Jordan Brand’s Spring 2010 line up without giving the ladies a preview? It just wouldn’t be right, so today we are pleased to reveal a number of Jordan releases for girls & boys Spring 2010. True, we didn’t say women’s 2010 releases, but we know ladies are going to jump on a few of these Spring 2010 releases, especially the Air Jordan 6 “Coral Rose”. Got small feet? If  you said yes, see what Jordan Brand has to offer for Spring 2010 after the jump…

Images courtesy of SC

Air Jordan 6 Girls Coral Rose

Jordan True Flight Pink

Jordan True Flight Coral Rose


Jordan Flight 45

Jordan Heat Check 2

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  • I cannot WAIT to get my daughter about 42 pairs of those Spiz’ikes….hope I can get em in my wife’s size too…….

  • Those 6’s are fresh! I know the chicks are going to eat them up. The Spiz’ikes are clean too.

  • ^^Yep, can’t even front, JB’s pulling alot of people back in with their spring 2010 drops….people will post hatred with one hand, and be pulling out that Visa card to make a purchase with the other….they’re called “HYPE-O-CRITES”

  • blazenfs

    omg those spizikes are niceeee

  • when i first saw the pink vi’s i thought they were carmines taken with a flash

  • Fran

    I’m copping the spiziks for sure

  • charliesbs

    spizikes drop in mens lol

  • lilbusta2318

    HAHA TokyoMike. If I had a daughter, she would be keeping it clean in the spizikes and 6s all day.

  • im actually goin to get those spiziks

  • C-zerr

    Tokyomike u just created a new word hahaha good one

  • Yo

    those spizikes are sick give em to the men ill rock em

  • Blue cheese

    6’s are just right!!!!

  • PhfatBuddha

    DOPE! Them 6’s look like Carmines in that pic

  • Mznikesb23

    those spiz’ike’s are freaking bomb and the 6’s are a must..
    and im feeling the flight 45 high top..i want another cw tho..

  • troy copalot

    if the pink was purple or black on thoso spiz’ikes they would be not only men’s worthy, but in MY mind one of the best colorways yet of that model.

  • weezy23

    my daughters are bout to be lookin extra fresh next year

  • trevdrake

    dammnnn i wish they atleast dropped them in women sizes so i can try n get a pair…. but i thot those flight 45″S were dropping in mens too????

  • wish the spizikes were droppin in mens sizes, id pick a pair up and those 6’s arent bad either

  • haux

    Beautiful as far as the spikes and 6’s.


    Dag, better not let my daughter see this…I’ll be broker than a mug!

  • solefix

    2 pairs for the sis and 2 for the wife…OF EACH!!

  • PegCityKickZ

    Those VI’s and Spizike’s are dope. I wish I had a small foot.

  • steez

    6s are more pink unfortunately,in the picture the pink kind look more like infrared

  • joe

    dem Spizikes lookin gooooood =)

  • mike

    I personally think that the Spizike’s are the best combination jordan shoe to ever come out.It suck how they give the little kids nice cw but can’t give a nice cw for the people that really make jordan brand succed.

  • my daughters are 4 and 3… really hope they dont see these kicks!! Yep u read it right….my lil girls are all ready sneakerheads!!

  • OH MY! I definitely NEED those 6’s!

  • I’m a Guy.. And I copping the 6’s and the spizikes!

  • There are a few pairs of shoes that I can’t wait to pick up for my daughter!


    the spizikes are hot but i could of sworen that the baby blue was mint green im a lil dissappointed but still gonna cop

  • Shit, flip the blue laces to black on the Spiz’ikes, and I’m good to go…..hope I can find em in a size 12

    Too bad its for girls. IDC im buying a 7 and keeping them deadstock.

  • Shey

    Those Spikizes Are Hella Fresh I Wonder What Size Are They Coming IN ! 🙂

  • jenn

    the spizikes since they’re kids will be from a 3.5y-7y for GS a 7y = a womans 8-8.5

    im mad that I can’t get them on swoosh.

    got the corals and other 6’s though 😀