Jordan Spizike Black-Cement Sample

Jordan Spizike Black-Cement Sample


Jordan Spizike Black/Cement Sample

When pictures first leaked of the next Jordan Spiz’ike colorway courtesy of Eddie Cruz, opinions were in favor of the next installment and now for your viewing pleasure, detailed shots are now available. The black/red/cement grey colorway is inspired by the Air Jordan IV, much like the initial release. February is still the confirmed launch date with a $175 price point. via Lowtex

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Jordan Spizike Black/Cement Sample

Jordan Spizike Black/Cement Sample

  • TokyoMike

    ^^o.s.t. when I seen the first Spiz’ike pics, I prayed they were real, but I honestly thought they were bootlegs. Once they confirmed em to be real, I went all in. I kinda think the Jordan 23 shoulda looked more like the Spiz’ike with recognizable Jordan attributes The military bases here got the grey ones for a bit over $100 a pop, tax free……and the spots in Tokyo have the “hard to find” black/gold ones like hookers have herpes….they’re everywhere……these black/cements are gonna make love to my feet on such a constant rotation I’m gonna HAVE to get at least two pairs, and the same’s gonna be true if they do a Laney colorway.

  • mike

    thiz thangz r jumping deffinately cop………….these r fire……when i 1zt seen em i thought it wazz bukkshhhhhhhh………but now itz confirmed whoop whoop

  • thatbehim

    I can do without the blue jumpman but these are sexy, I’m all in.

  • Miami J King

    Go check out for the all white jordans 1 through 2009

  • fortydogg

    gotta get these n da vince shox

  • Miami J King

    Got to have!

  • Starz

    tommaso shut the f up bro! dont come at tokyomike like that! this is what we call a hater everybody, jealousy is a bit** but i think your a bigger one!

  • TokyoMike

    ^^ tommaso, my good friend, I wasn’t talking to you, and I was only saying I had all the Spiz’ikes to make the point that I like em, not to brag about it. Notice G-Roc doesn’t get videos of me doing SMYSC….my collection is for ME, not anyone else, so as far as showing off, you got it twisted little boy.
    I’ll tell you what, when G-Roc posts some news about dollar store flip flops, or Yums, or a collabo between
    Flavor Flav and Crocs, and mommy drives you to the mall, breaks out her credit card, and helps your handicapped a$$ gobble up all them releases, when you post on here to “brag” about em, I won’t take it personally…..I’ll just call it even and tell you how those silver Yums match really well with your wheelchair and your leg braces. Deal?

  • CallmeDiesel

    I love the Spizikes! Spizike’s are better quality than any of the CDP’s, plus they come with some great colorways. I’ll cop.I got 5 of the colorways already. Including the wack Nelly’s. Lol

  • DG

    holy damn dope

  • http://other Lloyd


  • dizzy

    sick, the spizikes be hot, they ugly sometimes but these r sick

  • dizzy

    sick, the spizikes be hot, they ugly sometimes but these r sick, blue jumpman is kinda wierd though

  • fatman

    I like spizikes, but I hate this colorway. To me they look tacky and fake. I think it has to do with that I don’t see how the cement from the white iv’s and the black colorway from the black iv’ work together. They don’t work at all in my opinion. I feel that this colorway and the grape spizikes are the weakest of the spizikes.

  • Mia

    How can I get a pair of these?