Jordan Spizike Black History Month 2013 – First Look

The next Black History Month Jordan Spi’zike will stray away from the black, gold, green, and yellow combination and decided to opt for the more non-traditional look. This upcoming Jordan Spizike is completely draped in a tonal Volt colorway. The vivid upper is then complemented with small hints of blue throughout. A “BHM” logo can be found on the midfoot as well.

No word of an exact release date, but it should drop in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates. What do you think about this colorway? Is it a hit or miss? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Images: SU

  • I’m not a Spi’zike fan at all, but these are definitely a colorsaver.

  • Ahh…..JB, what does Volt have to do with Black History Month? Did Rosa Parks have Volt colored nurses shoes when she sat in the back of the bus? Did John Lewis, Ralph Abernathy, MLK, and others have Volt colored signs saying “No Justice, No Peace”? If Nike is going to do BHM themed shoes, they should be as true as possible to cause/timeframe/movement.

  • Great shoe. really captures the spirit of BHM!

  • Kicksboywonder

    Came in here to say what Background said

  • Justin

    Even beyond the Volt debacle, when has Nike ever dropped a true BHM shoe. They’ve always looked more like “African History Month” to me. There’s plenty of more recent, and much more relevant, black leaders/movements than the Queen Nefertiti-type stuff they continue to push out like the BHM Lebron X (i.e. Blackground’s comment above). FYI, I’m white, so maybe I’m way off base.

  • Boss

    Well we black people LOVE us some bright colors. SMH.

  • Boss

    And yes Justin, you are WAY off base. Where do you think most of our (black people) ancestors came from?

  • Nate

    Volt has absolutely nothing to do with BHM. Who in the world at nike and jordan pick the colors and patterns for the BHM line. None of the shoes look like they are even trying to embody African American history.

  • shoe guy

    that is ugly as hell and what doe slime green have to do with black history


    I think this is just a color they wanted to put out so they just said fuck it “bhm”

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    Kool colorway and all but WTF does this have to do with BHM? Just release the shoe as normal but this does not honor BHM. I liked the previous years themes much better. Come on NIKE/JB

  • BJ24

    Dope Spike and stop the crying about what the color has to do with BHM until the official pic and story come out. Dudes kill me like they buy shoe because of the cause if you like it buy it if not move on.

  • Woody

    @Boss – ALL of our ancestors were from Africa, whether you are currently, black, white, brown, yellow, red or purple. This is about Black History Month, which is a time to remember and reflect on the history of blacks in america. The tribal patterns of africa have very little to do with the history of blacks in this country. I agree however that this volt colorway really baffles me for this type of release. I have not been a fan of most of the BHM releases over the years. They have no real thought put into them, primarily stereotypical BS thrown on and released. Pretty uninspired.

  • Exective

    Love volt but these will probably be harder to get than a PHD in uberhypernuerologisticphyscology!! lol

  • Lem


  • omar najeeb

    A’ight! Let’s clear out the room rite now!
    @blackground___that shit u said, say that again!!
    @boss___wutchu said sound like ya name, boy.Boss!!

    @justin__shut the f–k up!!!
    @merlotshame__shut the f–ck up!!!
    @bj24__shut the f–ck up!!
    There! Done with the nonsense! Let us move on!

  • aSh

    Uuuuhhhh once again… I dont see how this reflects BHM

  • These are pretty uhh, bright I guess…

  • James

    Dear Nike, the colors red, black, and green represent our people.

  • dj_imperiald

    like everyone else im confused about how this relates with BHM but the shoe it’s self is not bad

  • JOP


  • JOP

    Should also add, I never liked any of the dark and dreary BHM stuff… This will be the first time I ever gave a shnip about a BHM release… ijs…

  • Trey truth

    Y’all negros so ignorant.. The shoes represent a tennis ball for Author Ashe

  • shoe guy

    ugly color.. kinda gay but gay is in style so am sure many will love

  • omar najeeb

    No shoeguy, gay is never the “in” style! NEVER EVER!!!

  • Chiefblackbear

    This is some bull, why so bright? Where’s the black, grey, red colors? Something a little less dramatic than this volt color way.

  • Sek

    I like em

  • @ omar najeeb

    F uck you b itch boy.