Kanye West Signs New Shoe Deal, Calls Out Mark Parker

kanye west and mark parker

Who did Kanye sign his deal with?

Kanye West is the most talked about person in the sneaker culture right now. With all the hype and rumors surrounding the red Yeezy 2, it’s not hard to see why Kanye is the topic of discussion. For years, Kanye has been very selective about doing press, but as of late Ye’s been doing interview after interview after interview. But his recent press run is no coincidence because if you’ve been paying attention, you can clearly see he’s using the interviews to get corporate backing for his own brand. When Kanye speaks, most people listen, and he finally caught the right brand’s attention.

This week Kanye mentioned in a few of his interviews that he recently signed his deal. Uh oh! Did he sign with Nike? That would have been the best option for both parties, but I’m pretty sure Nike is not interested in giving Ye his own brand. From a business standpoint, that actually would make a lot of sense. However, it would also compete with Nike and Jordan Brand, and there’s already enough politics between Nike and Jordan Brand. I understand the Nike/JB politics on one end, and then I don’t. A business is about making lots of capital, but I guess capital is not everything. That said, if Nike is not the brand Kanye signed with that proves money isn’t everything because a Kanye x Nike brand would makes lots of cheddar.

So, if he didn’t sign with Nike who did he sign with?

I just signed my deal a week and half ago. But it took a major company, and I can’t say yet. We’re gonna announce it in a couple of weeks.” -Kanye West on 96.5 (Watch below. Start at 1:35)

The day his 96.5 interview hit YouTube, rumors quickly spread about Kanye signing with adidas. And it didn’t help that Kanye said in one of his recent interviews he wants backing from a brand like Nike or adidas. Of course it has not been confirmed, and according to Mr. West, his partnership with the major company will be announced soon. However, if he didn’t sign with adidas, who did he sign with? The only other sneaker brand that comes to mind is Reebok. If that’s the case; it’s still a win for the brand with three stripes because the adidas Group owns Reebok. Either way, the sneaker industry is about to become much more interesting.

What’s up with the red Yeezy 2?

The Kanye shrug is very appropriate at this point. It’s a mystery! We have all heard every rumor under the sun regarding the release of the all-red Y2. The real question is: if Kanye didn’t sign his deal with Nike will the third Yeezy 2 colorway still release? According to Yeezus concert-goers, West has not been wearing the rojo Yeezy 2 during his recent shows. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s related to his new deal. It could very well be that he prefers performing in his Margiela exclusives over his signature Nike sneaker.

Speaking of the Yeezus tour, Yeezy said a few words in Brooklyn last night about Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker. During his motivational speech (most people call them rants), he told the audience Mark Parker even talked sh*t. According to West, Parker said he doesn’t even know why people like the Yeezys. West went on by telling the crowd how he got kicked out of class for drawing Jordans in 4th grade. (Watch the clip below. Start 8:20)

What does this mean for the future of sneakers?

If this Kanye West shoe/clothing brand is executed correctly, this could potentially be a threat to several brands. Whether you like Kanye or not, no one can deny his influence, especially when it comes to fashion. West plays a major role in the direction of what’s cool in fashion. From clothing to sneakers; West is extremely influential, and he knows it. We’ve all seen the Air Yeezy and Louis Vuitton hype. Even sneakers he didn’t design becomes more popular once he’s seen wearing them. We could very well see a new line of sneakers that’s able to garner the same demand as Jordans or other limited edition Nike footwear. With the right designs, materials, price points, and allocation, Kanye’s sneaker line could be a serious game changer for the sneaker industry.

Only time will tell.

Did Nike sign Yeezy? Did Kanye sign with adidas? There’s a lot of speculation, but one’s thing is confirmed: Kanye signed his new deal.

So many questions, but the official announcement will be made soon.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Image: Wieden+Kennedy
Video: RealTalkNY

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  • LG

    Parker is right I don’t see why so may people like the Yeezy’s either.

  • C-Bone

    If true, I agree with Mark Parker, but I’m sure I’m in the minority.

  • serg252001

    This is very interesting. His influence is real and somebody will see the profit behind it

  • chubby

    watch it be with Reebok….

  • chinaboy

    kanye signed with louie facts

  • I’m extremely interested to see what his line has to offer. Well, more so the shoes. Culture shift for sure!



  • Rsjrdk

    I can hear it now, adiYeezy…..

  • Converse King

    Justin you are an idiot. Plain and simple.

    And I still hate this website and the stupid idiots like Justin who leave dumbass comments. Get a life loser!

    I hate Kanye but even I watched the interview and he said he wants a line so he can consistently make shoes, etc.

  • MikeyDrums86

    I hope he signs w/timberland and puts out hella boots lol!!

  • Ricardo

    Most pointless article ever posted on TSG? Maybe so….

  • The Hypemachine

    Y’all all hypebeasts. Y’all cop kicks for the name Yeezy and don’t even know what materials are on the shoe.

    I personally don’t care who he signs with. As long as y’all stay on the Yeezy train ima be over here getting the cheap heat and beautiful women.

    Ain’t never seen a dude wearing yeezys with a bad chick. Y’all priorities fked up

  • Godivine

    The LV joints were more dope; I never felt the nikes…uno

  • Ohimlate

    It’s a wrap with the red yeezys! ADIDAS

  • omar najeeb

    Lol. That dude kanye mentioned the disney “imagin-eers”!! What’s phukin’ with that?!?!
    Won’t front or stunt tho…the yeezy 2s are dope…the blk/mint/pnk joints & these red ones. But just too much damn hype sorrounding them. Don’t even wanna try to grab ’em. Like…nevermind ‘n $#!+ …

  • omar najeeb

    @ MikeyDrums….Lol. i’ont kcuf with timbos like that. Sounds good tho.

    Some of this other stuff is for the tabloids. Troll-brutha #1s ‘n $#!+..

  • MJ Green

    I hope its With Li Ning Kanye and Dwade lol….

  • Marc

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I like the Yeezys for one reason it’s different than any other shoe on the market, and being backed by nike helps as well. It’s going to suck if he is not making shoes with nike anymore and who else can nike get to make exclusive shoes like he does??? Interesting!

  • Mydixiewrecked

    From what I’m hearing he has a manufacturing deal with balenciaga for clothing and some foot wear. Makes sense since him and wang go back quite some time.

    He’s signed with nike for another two years and even since he signed with them he has done clothing lines with his name as well as sneaker lines with Louis V so I’m sure he’ will do another shoe with nike and may venture out and do collaborations with other brands as well.

  • Executive aka Mr. McDowell hairline

    I don’t care who he sign with, I just know when I get ready to sell all my yeezy’s somebody getting signing over there house.

  • Executive aka Mr. McDowell hairline


  • Sameer

    where the f is pastelle

    forget all that big brand bs

    kanye should just launch that

    the next movement, people would go nuts for some pastelle kicks and clothing

  • Mike

    Hopefully this change will at least give more people the opportunity to get a pair

  • Justin aka not the other Justin

    Just keeping my name clean. Gotta come up with a new name for my posts.

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ Yes u do too. I knu better.
    Try “Not a troll-bruthoa #1”!!
    These phags need to chill with that $#!+

  • McDunnels

    comments proved more entertaining than the article, lol omar

  • Bambam

    Supra? Bape? It doesnt matter who he signs with that partner ship will never be a good as one could have been with nike. Even if the line is grea!
    Nike would never give him full reign..

  • Biz

    Yeezy may bring heat and buzz to any brand he’ll sign with, but he’s not moving units.
    To Nike he created great publicity, but was a blip on their bottom line, a marketing expense.
    Even if adi gives him a volume play, which they won’t if it’s through y-3, at best he may sell 200K units, and then it’s done.

  • @the hypemachine, ur a f uckin retard.