Kanye West Rocks Nike Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West gave the world a sneak peak at the Air Yeezy 1 during the 2008 Grammys, so it was only right that Mr. West debuted the Nike Air Yeezy 2 at a major music event. Instead of waiting for the Grammys, Kanye debuted the Air Yeezy 2 at the 2011 Coachella Music and Arts Festival last night. Unlike the sneak peak from the Black Mamba movie, these images provide you with a much better look at what to expect from the Air Yeezy 2. In the words of Virgil Abloh (Kanye’s art director), “Start lining up now.” Share your thoughts in the comment section. via CJL

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  • Really hard to get a good feel of the shoe from these pics but as of now, can’t say I’m a fan due to them looking like Nike Trainer SB’s.

  • mizz 23


  • Fresco

    CANT WAIT….*Bart Scott Voice

  • BruckOut

    Got get em missed out the first time.

  • CONSTRUCTIVE – For some reason the upper around the ankle reminds me of the Toki?
    HONEST- I don’t like any sneaker shaped like this (Supra’ish) which is why I didn’t like the first Yeezy. I don’t listen to Rap/Hip-Hop so there is no connection for me on that level!
    TRUTH – I will bemoan all the attention this shoe receives!

  • so far, the 1st set are crushing these… I know this black/black pair probably wont come out which is actually a good thing. A pair with some color/diff materials would probably be dope! i’ve got all yeezy 1’s so we”ll see about the 2’s …


  • From the looks of these pics, its like paul gasol trying to guard chris paul… this is a no go! Copped 2 of the first three but these my friend, NO WAY!

  • Da_Don91

    Cue the Hypebeast!!

  • Krazy K

    A better colorway will be the determining factor! And Kanye didnt even rock em like he does everything else!… In due time my friends

  • BiggDuke

    gotta get this, missed out on 1s…need this

  • kilo

    I ain’t really feeling dese, maybe is the pics but I would buy dese den sell dem to get the first version lol

  • J Dizzle { Lou }

    if i can i’ll cop but im not gunna go to far outta my way.

  • d.wow!

    looks kinda like a trainer… but these are unique! maybe copp.. not sure until I see some more color way…

  • C.Kicks316

    Meh…easy pass just like the first Yeezy’s…yes…I said it…

  • TRASH.

  • Uh oh! Let the hype train BEGIN!

  • CaliSole

    Not great, but thats mostly because of the plain CW, but with some nice materials and a dope CW I can see these on my feet.

  • That guy

    Looks like a trainer 2

    Why do they look 8 sizes toO big ?

    Im sure the new jacks are going to be eating these up like jelly beans

  • What is the big deal about a kanye shoe anyway? I never got it, all of them are ugly as hell and expensive for nothing.SMH

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    Need a better pic, I actually have all 3 pair of yeezys. So I will cop these.

  • Ell2412

    They don’t look like a finished product these are probably the prototypes

  • Ayetothedea

    yeezy really dropped the ball on these if thats really what they are gonna look like….. #fail

  • YaY

    these look weird. i like the 1st ones better. The midsoles look like the Air Tech Challenge 2s also.

  • LG

    I can say that the first Yeezy look way better. These are ugly just like his fairy pants.LOL

  • muntztres¤¤¤

    Didn’t like his 1s, and don’t think these will be any better 4 me. On another not got his album on rite now! ” CAN WE GET MUCH HIGHER!



  • Supa B

    0_o never liked the first ones, and damn sure dont like these. Easy Stockton to Malone on these….

  • aSh

    Soles aren kinda disappointing…. Look like the same soles from the air tech challenges…. Well see once better pics come….

  • John

    I always thought Kanye was into “style” and fashion…he dressed like a hobo right here.

  • M-$

    I like em, not because Kanye is rocking em but as a sneaker enthusiast. I need to see a detailed picture and some other colorways to cast my final judgment. No doubt the hype around these things will be crazy. I missed out on the 1’s so I might just pick this up regardless if I rock em or not.

  • Knokk Shope Musician

    They look good and I like them, but not for the ungodly price we will see in the following months.

  • Chris DMV

    Thank the shoe Gods.

  • supper j

    okay i missed out on the first ones so of course im coppin these, i just hope they come with dope color ways pretty sure they will but you never know

  • BOSS

    loved the original yeezy, but i don’t know how i feel about this one. not liking the bottom so far.

  • Shawty Black

    Can’t say I’m in love with these nor am I willing to pay that ridiculous marked up price that Nike will charge. Just ain’t worth it, folks.

  • Royal S

    Can’t even get detailed picks & some of your mouths are already watery. Wait for detailed picks.

    I already see a dozen of people at my mall already campout for these.

  • sneakz-n-billz

    TRASH! !!!

  • Rocked my Net/Net Yeezy’s Saturday with the Saint Alfred’s YZY t. Was a wedding gift from wifey, so I’ll rock em til they fall apart. 🙂
    These look legit to me. I like the ridges on the heel tab and along the front quarter of the midsole. Looking forward to clearer pics.

  • @AlSneaks

    was the back of the shoe modeled to look like the back of his neck? at a glance these actually look pretty nice, but we’ll know for sure after clearer pics release.

  • Lem

    Wack Sauce! Watch the hype over these ugly and bulky shoes.


  • stacks

    there ugly but if they glow in the dark people will go crazy for em.

  • them shits go hard….can’t wait to see the colors that are released……that will ultimately make my decision on if I will copp.

  • keylin tyree

    Yea jus like everybody else def not feeling these hopefully their a prototype.

  • Need better pics b4 I jump the gun, but I love readin about Yeezy topics.

  • urbanmiracle

    these are a prototype. remember the air yeezy 1s came in the same colorway in which he performed at the grammys. hopefully there would be some better colorways. im not a fan of the midsole though.

  • MisterMcfly23

    big N, little o…

  • Hope the Resellers don’t fuck this up for the people who actually like the shoe, but we all know they will.

  • Hope the Resellers don’t f*ck this up for the people who actually like the shoe, but we all know they will.

  • cpthemaestro

    Here we go. See everyone at the release.Rumor has the air yeezy 2 makes you hover for 20 sec. lol

  • cpthemaestro

    Here we go. See everyone at the release.Rumor has the air yeezy 2 makes you hover for 20 sec.

  • chris-rewynd

    these look better than the first ones

  • irockickz

    May be UGLY but that resale= UGLY Dough

  • New Skool

    judging by these pics i think i can say i like the 1st ones better

  • T-Rav

    Same soles as the Air Tech Challenge II this time. They look decent, but I’ll wait for the price tag. I can’t justify a cop if they cost the same as Space Jams or Concords.