Kanye West x Nike Air Yeezy – Tan

Kanye West x Nike Air Yeezy

Last month TSG mentioned that we had another unseen colorway of the Air Yeezy, but unfortunately we couldn’t post it. After patiently waiting for permission, we finally got the green light. Here’s an up close and personal look at the Tan Air Yeezy’s. Everyone will most likely appreciate these pictures, but tons of Kanye and Air Yeezy fans want to know release details. Trust, we have been working on getting some type of release info, but it’s been slow motion. Mr. West please contact us with more info because our site mail and myspace inbox gets hit with Air Yeezy questions all the time.

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  • Enjoy!

    Are they starting to grow on anyone that didn’t like them at 1st? I like the way they look at this angle.

    YE WE NEED TO KNOW SOMETHING HOMIE. Thanks in advance!!

    Sneakerfreaker06 – I told you it was coming, so this is for you my boy MT (Ye’s #1 fan) and all the Kanye/Air Yeezy fans.

  • SoleDiva

    Now that I’ve seen this pic…I’m kind of starting to like these.
    Still, as a female I can’t imagine wearing Air Yeezys anywhere. =/

    Nike Air Yeezy, they couldn’t think of a better name?

  • ^LOL SoleDiva, I think the name is the dopest part.

    Someone says: What’s the name of those shoes? “These are the Air Yeezy’s”. I’m sorry, but that just sounds dope to me 🙂

  • Tan

    I like the color! TAN!

  • Equis

    nice very nice

  • abelinoSFV

    I like these I could rock dem so tight… nice

  • 4DRUMZ

    Yeezy nothing… this is the Marty McFly from Back-to-the-Future 2

    Seriously… it is isn’t it?

  • BWin

    Hmm, another colorway I’m into! I like how the strap looks from this angle.

  • MT

    G-roc you know what it is! I cant wait!

    G-roc I think its time to introduce Corporate to the world…

    I’m thinkin theshoegame.com x Corporate giveaway…

    More details to come.

  • BWin

    oh and I wonder how Ye laced them joints up.

  • jose partida

    i like these!! theve really grown on me when i first saw the pics of his concert,i dint like them,but know im considering buying a pair

  • MT – Like Lo said, Let’s get get get ittttt…lol

    I need my Neon Court Forces too buddy ol’ pal!

  • Big TY

    I am feeling the tan action

  • I love these the most for sure.

  • jentastic

    i didnt like these before, but i like them in this colorway…very interesting shoe.

  • mike

    i hate dis color but i love the other 2 colorways i saw of this

  • TorontoComeUp

    these are SOOOO NICE, g roc soon as you get a date, plz post, i dont know why im askin like you wouldnt do it already

  • cintownmac

    G-Roc- can’t wait to see them in person

    MT- Corporatise the the world!!!

  • sneakerfreaker06

    You already know G-Roc. Man been waiting to see this pic for a min. now. Especailly after I went on that rant. Anyway this is the #rd best color I like after the Navy and Orange joints. And I’m still feelin the Grammy Black Lasers the most. Man G-Roc Im just so anxious too find out a release date.

  • Markiss

    4Drumz lmao I def with you on that one, man that was a great throwback to my childhood but I’m def feeling these!

  • I pray these actually release in all the colorways we’ve seen….

  • fresh2def87

    second best colorway so far, first is the grammy’s…

  • chuky chu

    these are all right i suppose. the grammy ones were wayy better though

  • DA One

    As a true KanYe head I wuld copp in anY color, jus 2 support Ye…ne color is a copp..ne ways i wuld like dem in dat white n blue color way…des r looking nice

  • RJ

    they look okay
    i’m still digging them but I can’t wait until I see them in person

  • kinda likin’ the first colorway better.

    and to “Kenny” that had hit me up on myspace, i can not reply to you.. because it says i need to be your “friend” to send messages. And of course, i use TSG as my daily news. What would i do w/out TSG!

  • Ray

    REALTALKNY the best hiphop blog picked this up good ish GROC

  • I like the Yeezy, always have, except I don’t like this colorway. Never was a fan of brown/tan kicks..they remind me of Timberland-ish boots too much. That’s just me, I dunno.


  • Jay Bills

    we need some release info bad! thanks for the pics g-roc and keep us up to date with the release.

  • As soon as I get release info it will be posted folks!

  • cantstopthebest

    hot FIREEEE for sure and i like the tan color the best so far. i sure hope these drop soon because these pics are starting to get to me.

  • sole4sole

    im sold on this color way. good ish g-roc and hopefully kanye will give tsg some info. we all want to now the scoop.

  • I would love to get my hands on these soon. So for that to happen I’m going to need a release date, price and need to know how limited these will be. I know Kanye is going to want them to be super exclusive. This is why I love me some TSG. Thanks guys!!

  • Nike Air Mission ’92

  • Xkrispy_eli

    what is the price tag on these?

  • fluid

    love em…hope they woun’t be release with all that hype…

  • d nice

    straight WACK!!!

  • Kooly

    I disagree d nice. Straight FIRE!!!

  • Kooly

    And this color is hands down the best.

  • i put some of that shoe on my flickr…but this colorway it’s really cool…look like a desert day or khaki pants of a cool office man..hahah



  • nesquick24

    those the hardest shoes this year yeezy bout 2 take ova the world