Kawhi Leonard Debuts New Air Jordan 5 at Kendrick Lamar Show

Family ties.

Kawhi Leonard supported Kendrick Lamar’s last DAMN. tour date in Miami.

I was shocked to see Kawhi at the show because dude is so lowkey it’s hard to tell what he’s into. But apparently Kawhi is a Kung Fu Kenny fan.

However, the thing that caught my eye was the shoes Leonard rocked to the concert. Kawhi pulled out a pair of all gold Air Jordan 5s. At this moment it’s unknown if the Jordan 5 will release to the public.

I’ll do some digging to see what’s good.

Would you like to see this Jordan 5 release?

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  • Kawhi looks so excited in this photo.

  • theloverswineverytime


  • javi


  • sirfresh

    Yg look like that player ass uncle at the BBQ

  • Executive

    Uncle Ricky n shit.


    Saucin up the burgers n chicken no issue

  • Ray.


  • Ray.

    Dont look too much into it..

  • Ray.

    What is desean jackson wearing tho?
    Are those reeboks or asics??

  • Thad Greer

    Are we sure this isn’t a cardboard cutout of Kawhi? My dude looks detached from reality.