KAWS Confirms Jordan Brand Collaboration, Internet Explodes


And just like that, KAWS broke the Internet.

Before the rumors could make its way around the web, KAWS put an end to the rumors by confirming his collaboration with Jordan Brand.

The living legend said: “I have a fun project coming up with Jumpman23 this spring.. not sure who leaked this today but now you know.. #KAWS #JORDAN #2017”

That’s literally all it took and then the sneaker world went crazy! The new year is just getting started and big news is already being confirmed.

Word is the collaboration includes an Air Jordan 4 and clothing collection. KAWS did not confirm that info, so we’ll have to wait additional confirmation.

Are you not entertained? Will you be adding a pair to your collection?

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  • Aaron Hall

    If you want a piece of this collaboration between prepared to pay out the wazoo

  • Pass. Just give me silver am 97’s. Thanks

  • Executive aka Dark Wolf

    Just give me the AM1.

  • Thad Greer

    KAWS is like Lisa Frank for dudes. I also don’t play with vinyl toys. So…nah, I’m good.