#KDISNOTNICE… Because He Will Dunk On You

I know what you’re thinking, “Kevin Durant is one of the nicest players in the NBA.” I thought the exact same thing. However, when we refer to #KDISNOTNICE, we are talking about the on-court KD. Yeah, that side of him is not so friendly. Not only can he shoot your eyes out, but he’s not selfish, instead KD is the true definition of a team player. Overall, Kevin is just really good when it comes to scoring. But one of KD’s not so nice ways of scoring is his vicious dunks. Oh my! Have you seen KD make an example out of someone standing under the goal when he’s taking it to the hole? It’s not a pretty sight… not at all.

No one likes to get dunked on. No one! How would you like to get slammed on by the 6 foot 9 inch beast known as Kevin Durant? Would you like to be added to Durant’s dunk victim list?Yeah, neither would we. Unfortunately, everyone is not so lucky. We’ve seen it happen many times, and the words friendly, kind, sweet, or nice can not be used to describe his on-court performance.

KD has proven over and over again that his game is the opposite of nice. Don’t believe us? Watch the videos below, and it won’t take long to convince you that #KDISNOTNICE.

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  • Mars Blackmon


  • Heat

    @Mars Blackmon WRONG! Melo will win MVP and KD and the Thunder will fall to the Heat once again

  • Philly dreams

    Lebron can smash scrub teams also nothing new lol

  • TSGside

    As long as Lebron is in the NBA KD will never beat him

  • Jarvo

    Wrong! The Spurs winning this shit!

  • Prestige

    TSGside, nah I think the Thunder have a really great chance of beating the Heat this year, they’ve matured and the Heat don’t seem to be as hungry as they were last year.