Kendrick Lamar Performs In Overly Hyped Kicks

Yeah I said it.

Everyone knows I’m a huge Kendrick Lamar stan. There’s no shame in my game. But when I saw this photo all I could do was shake my head. “Dang, Dot, Nike making you push the VaporMax too?” I said something like that to myself when I first saw the photo.

I saw all the VaporMax cosigns, and I even spent some time in a pair. Nah, BDG ain’t sippin’ the Kool-Aid. The shoe is futuristic trash! You’re not going to see many people keep it 100 due to politics, but I’m just being honest. The shoe is nothing amazing. Sure, it looks futuristic, but it doesn’t feel like the future.

Add another huge cosign like Off White and watch people go ape sh*t. At least Virgil was able to execute more creativity on other pairs from the collection. The VaporMax is literally the VaporMax with lettering on the medial side. Damn son, now that’s fire!

As for Kendrick, I can’t be too mad. I get it. My dude is getting paid to endorse Nike, so he’s most likely down to wear most stuff they send him, especially if Diane (his stylist) signs off on the look.

But DAMN, they got my boy KDot out here rockin’ weakness. Get your money though, Kenny.

Maybe you disagree with everything I said. If so, that’s perfectly fine.

You can show your loyalty by clicking here if you really want a pair.

How do you honestly feel about the VaporMax?

Photo: ro.lexx

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  • Heezyholly

    If I was a Nike athlete or influencer I’d say give me shox tlxmids with some dope one off cws

  • theloverswineverytime

    Them oversized, over-exaggerated “air bubbles” pretty much gave away that them shits weren’t as comfy as they look

  • javi

    I concur I concur I concur ?

  • sirfresh

    Caught you off guard. Switched it up from the Cortez and reeboks

  • Dolla_DP

    “You can show your loyalty by clicking here if you really want a pair.” – Shiiiiiiiiiiet! Not for $1250.00 K-Dot can keep them shits , comfy or not there is no loyalty that high

  • Sergio Arturo

    it aint boost

  • Sergio Arturo

    i be damned if i finance some sneakers

  • curt diggler

    bet he’d rock em over any reebok he cosigned

  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol. Sz 13 & up, “contact me”, huh. Guess you gotta talk some layaway type shit from there on…

  • javi

    relax hypebeast control your thirst lol

  • Joseph

    I’m glad somebody vehemently spoke up on this collection. Art I get it. If that’s what is perceived as art. But the hype is unreal and unworthy.

  • These are going to work for some people beyond the hype and not for others, like anything else.

    There are elements within the overall collab that directly speak to my time spent as a graphic designer and ways I’ve personally treated typography and design in the past. This was way before any of Virgil’s brands or his design work with Kanye. Does that make sense? so opinions good or bad doesn’t change tha.

    The shoes hold a truth to some of my past experiences so no amount of opinions, good or bad would have stopped me from getting these, the 90’s and the AF 1’s.

    The vapormax aren’t the future but I truly like what Off White did with the canvas and opportunity he was given.

  • One more thing. Those prices on Stadium…

    Given what some people know and more are discovering I wish them luck. Only ignorant, hypebeast, “I need to have the latest at any cost”, impressionable fools pay over retail for kicks. Yes, there is the occasional individual who genuinely wants the shoe and is so loaded that $1250 to them is $250 to you but that’s far and few and NOT the norm.

    God forbid you need to sell them later cause you’re going to be in for a shock and end up one salty MF. Shoes today rarely hold their value.

    So good luck Stadium, other consignment stores and resellers. I got all my pairs for retail and have profusely said in the past I don’t pay reseller prices beyond $50 and even that’s a rare practice.

  • kaydot901

    They’re worth what you’d pay for em,I couldn’t call it tho.Hypebeast dream,especially since VLONE is done.

  • kaydot901

    Devil’s Advocate here G-Stone,I really only like the Vapor Off white joints.The white laces/Black shoes give the Old Alabama cleat/Boston Celtics vibes,I can dig,they’re the simplest design he had.Not a dollar over retail.I’m gonna keep tryin for the Blackouts or that dark green.