Kendrick Lamar Rocks Damn Near Impossible To Get Air Max 97s

Must be nice.

Kendrick Lamar left Reebok and joined Team Nike. A move that makes more sense.

Nike has definitely been taking care of KDot since he joined the Swoosh family. Kendrick posed for Variety magazine in a pair of Off White Nike Air Max 97.

KDot was also spotted in the Off White VaporMax recently, so I’d like to assume Nike blessed him with the entire collection. That makes sense to me because I can’t imagine Nike telling him no. The only other option is Kenny personally requested pairs that he wanted.

Regardless of how it all went down, fact is he got his pair of Virgil 97s.

Do you think Nike will restock this collection?

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  • DJR

    They should restock but probably not.

  • OGedge

    Calvin Klein

  • theloverswineverytime

    Garbage. Swore it was gon’ be the olive undftds…? which are NOT garbage.

  • javi

    You can say whatever you want terrorista cuz in the end you know your going to end up with a pair somehow ?

  • Thad Greer

    Ah…the Rice Paper AM97s.

  • The pictures are already coming out for the various 2018 releases. Have you seen the all white vapormax and AJ 1? It’s time for those of us that didn’t get specific pieces or any at all to move on or just hit that StockX flex.

    I don’t think these should restock until the cyclical nature of things organically brings back desconstructivisim in textiles as a more peaked trend.

    Trending or not I wouldn’t restock them. The upcoming 2018 models would also be the final capsule, with this specific theme. Graphically, on the shoes, Virgil is getting to a point where it’s time to move on with the designs as well.

    So no…no restock.