King James Reveals the Ghost Nike LeBron 15

The King unveils.

Last night before walking the runway at the Kith Sport fashion show, King James revealed the LeBron 15.

According to James, this is the Ghost Nike LeBron 15 colorway, and based off his post, he seems to be extremely excited about this shoe. LeBron also mentioned, “More to come soon.”

We’ll wait and be patient until then.

Are you feeling this color and the LeBron 15?

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  • DJR
  • LMAOOOOOO! That’s my go-to saying for stuff I’m not feeling.

  • Executive 777

    Just in case you gotta box somebody out for a rebound at the club.

  • OGedge

    The uppers were made using aluminum paper for burritos

  • James L

    I’m I the only one seeing the Vince carter Shox BB4 similarity. Google them

  • curt diggler

    “he seems to be extremely excited about this shoe.”………ugh he better, they’re named after him. Too bad they’ll brick at retail, especially if they trying to build hype off a size 22 pic

  • Joshua Anduha

    damn this is a bad shoe

  • Thad Greer

    I said the Lebron line was dead the last time these were posted…but then I saw this colorway (or a similar one) on foot. Honestly not that bad. I’ve now upgraded the Lebron line to on life support.

  • sirfresh

    The real reason kyrie left

  • I see a slight return to the days of the 9 and 10, in that these can actually be worn off and on court with ease. Slight…let’s not get too carried away. Don’t plan on getting a pair but they still nice.

  • Very interesting. Nike does recycle a lot of their designs or seem to get inspiration from a lot of older models.