King James Takes A L In the HWC LeBron 14


King James debuted yet another LeBron 14 colorway in the Cavs vs Bulls game last night. Although LeBron and his squad took a L, that didn’t stop people from talking about the Hardwood Classic LeBron 14s.

I still think the Black/White colorway is the best color so far because of the simplicity. Where does the HWC LeBron 14 colorway rank so far in your opinion?

Nike still hasn’t confirmed a release date for the LeBron 14, but we should definitely know something sooner than later. The release has to be right around the corner.

Source: Cavs

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  • Capes

    Christmas > Black Ice > HWC*

    *opions subject to change lol

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    C’mon, G-ROC!! That headline wreaks of ray p’s hatin-ass influence lol.
    Them sneakers is trash though. And orange is my fav color at that lol

  • javi

    Calm down joto….hatin is what u do best?

  • valdeaunia

    The lack of suede is disappointing

  • DJR

    Not a fan of these and so far the only ones I like are the Christmas ones.

  • LOL! It’s the truth, plus it’s the first thing that came to mind.

  • Yeah these ain’t it so far.

  • I def need to see more colors. It’s ok but for a Bron signature I’m not impressed.

  • Lol. That’s fair.

  • Capes

    It keeps going back-and-forth to me, G. One minute it’s the Black Ice, then it’s back to Christmas. I can safely say that the HWC is my least favorite tho.