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It seems like every time a new Ronnie Fieg sneaker drops, it’s been harder to cop. A lot of people would not luck up; maybe because it sells out in less than a minute. Some would say it’s a conspiracy or something because of the site crashes and downtime. But in reality, his Kith team have been working hard to give consumers a chance in owning a pair of RF collabs.

In fact, besides the launch of the site, everything has been running smoothly with no crashes; even with the growing traffic that goes through the site. Read the Q&A below for tips on the best way to cop a Kith Ronnie Fieg sneaker the day it releases.

Q: There are still sizes showing in the dropdown box, but when I go to checkout, it says they aren’t available…what’s up with that?

A: As with most shopping carts online, adding a product to your cart does NOT put it on hold. The product is only put on hold when you click the “Checkout” button and get to the second step of the process (entering your payment information). At that time, we give you 5-10 minutes to complete the payment process. Since at this point, the items aren’t technically sold, they still show up in the dropdown boxes on the product page. In the event that someone completes payment, the item is removed from our inventory, and if that size is sold out, it will be removed from the dropdown box. In the event that the customer doesn’t complete payment (you’ve gotta have your money straight on release day, bro…), then the item will be made available to everyone after 5-10 minutes.  In summary, be patient and stay with it. If you size is still showing up, there’s a chance that they’ll be made available again in a few minutes.

Q: I’ve tried 5 times and haven’t been able to purchase a pair. What’s the trick?

A: Unfortunately, there is no trick. There is substantially more demand than there is supply, and this means that more people will miss out than will get them. While these are far from “tricks”, my only suggestions would be:

1) Have a fast internet connection. If you’re using dial-up, you’re sunk.
2) Get familiar with the checkout process. Maybe purchase something from Kith on a day OTHER than a big release. Just sayin’.
3) Have your money straight. You’ll likely get one shot at it, so make sure you’re ready.
4) Keep trying. Mathematics is on your side.

Q: I’ve saved enough money, but I still got declined when checking out…what gives?!

A: Not only do you need to have enough room on your credit card or Paypal, but your billing address MUST match the address that you’re shipping the items to (we do this to reduce fraudulent orders). How do you ensure that this doesn’t become an issue? Talk to your credit card provider and look at your Paypal billing information, and make sure that it is identical to the shipping address that you’re entering in the system. The worst part of this mistake is that if you do get declined for this reason, it usually takes your credit card company 4-5 business days to move the money back to your account from being on hold. So yeah…make sure you know your address information. This will apply on a lot of online retailers, so even if you aren’t ordering from Kith, this is good to know.

Q: In the release madness, I spazzed out and ordered the wrong size…can you change it? Also, can you combine my shipping with the other item I ordered? 

A: For a big release, neither of these are possible. There aren’t enough pairs to make swaps, and there’s just too many items being shipped out to start making these kind of adjustments. On a non-major release day, we’ll do our best to accomodate these kinds of issues. Our suggestion is to take a split second and verify that you selected the right size before you begin payment. It won’t take long, and it will save you the emotional pain of ordering the wrong size.

Q: Can you hook me up with a pair on the next release?

A: No.


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  • P.A.’s Finest

    The only drops that I missed on were the Salmon Toes and the Mints. I remember before all these Newbie Hypes came along it was like taking candy from a baby to get his drops. Like the collab with Nice Kicks was so easy to get (red 1.0’s). Now everybody comes out of the woodwork to get his releases! Smdh

  • John B.

    ^^Yep NK 1.0s were SOOO easy to cop. You know your site is pretty shitty when you have to “explain” it. I’ve stopped trying for his releases nowadays due to it. Even if you have a “fast” internet connection the shit still doesn’t work. A good question for him would have been why do you say it drops at 11am EST then put them up for sale before the clock strikes that time. Especially since he releases most of his stuff on Friday mornings and most of us actually have jobs and can’t sit there refreshing for 10-15 minutes at a time so the actual release time should be followed. I guess I’ll “try” to remember all this jazz if I EVER try to order one of his collabs again which is not likely cause the sites pissed me off one too many times.

  • lilBUSTA

    Hey Ronnie Fieg – I have a question for you. Why is it that you harp on quality and you swear all you produce is quality product?

    I have a pair of the Sebago boots from a few seasons ago that you collabed with Culture Shoq for the Nexus project….and after less than 20 wears the heal insole came apart/detached/glue separated. Can you please answer that?