LaMelo Ball Debuts Big Baller Brand MB1 Signature Shoe

Oh snap!

This just in: LaMelo Ball debuts his Big Baller Brand MB1 signature basketball shoe.

The youngest in charge? It sure seems that way. Melo is the first high school basketball player to get his own shoe. However, there is speculation that Melo having his own shoe might make him ineligible, but that’s up to the NCAA.

There is also a lot of talk regarding the extreme similarities of the MB1 and Brandblack’s Rare Metal Thunder. You be the judge by looking at the comparison photo below.

The BBB MB1 retails for $395.

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Photos: Slam

LaMelo Ball Big Baller Brand MB1 Signature Shoe

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  • sirfresh

    What’s the basket of cherries all about….

  • Devlin Braswell

    Because when he scored 92 pts in a game he was basket hanging and cherry picking…so I guess it’s a way to stick it to those that criticized him

  • facepalm!

  • Stephen Spears

    Lol. I like it

  • theloverswineverytime

    I aint a fan. That just means that you failed at trying to defend someone 40+ times in one game.