LeBron’s SVSM Nike Air Zoom Generation Will Release

svsm nike air zoom generation azg retro


LeBron James hinted at a release for the SVSM Nike Air Zoom Generation.

If you recall, this shoe was only available to players of Bron’s high school basketball team at the time. You either got a pair by hooping for Saint Vincent Saint Mary or had a strong Nike connect back in the day.

The shoe never released at retail, but this year Bron and Nike Sportswear are releasing this PE to the public. To be clear, LeBron teased the drop, but I can confirm the release is happening this year.

No release date yet, so stay tuned.

Are you filled with great glee after hearing this news?

Photo: NBA

SVSM Nike Air Zoom Generation Retro

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  • C Brown

    I get that Nike is trying to do something to get energy back in the Lebron line and retro’s seems like a good formula…but am I the only one that things 80% of the Lebron line is wack as hell….wake me up in a few year when the South Beaches retro until then I’m good…

  • curt diggler

    Exactly….everything retro is not wanted. Nike thinks it’s still 2012 where anything old was hyped up and resold

  • DJR

    It’s funny because I just got the first Zoom Generations that released at the Boston Sneakeasy yesterday and not many people were checking for them. Unless they make these a QS too they probably won’t sell well. I like them and would cop for retail.

  • OGedge

    wasn’t there an Adidas joint as well?

  • El Fenomeno

    im tellin myself, im only gonna cop svsm colorways.

    whats better laney colorways or svsm colorways?

  • Ray.

    Thats a tough one!
    I hate to sound political correct and shit but…they both great colorways.
    Only difference is the SVSM colorway is tough on every model and I can only think of two Js with the Laney colors..

  • Ray.

    I always loved the SVSM and CTK colorways.
    And I always thought it was dumb that they didnt release em and cap on the market for em.
    But I see now….it wasnt that dumb after all..

  • Ray.

    Yea but they also goin about this shit the wrong way.
    They releasing shit too fast. Idk when these are coming out but I know they drop two retros in like a month and a half, and they alrdy previewing the third??
    Now I know we live in a fast paced time but damn yo. Can another pay period go by before u try to get my bread?!

  • theloverswineverytime

    Royal blue & yellow together is one of my fav combos. I call it the Milwaukee Brewers colorway.

  • javi