The “Legend Blue” Air Jordan 11 Backpack Now Available For Purchase


Going to school in style.

Jordan Brand hit us with the Bred Air Jordan 11 Backpack last week and this week they introduce a new colorway. Check out this “Legend Blue” Air Jordan 11 Backpack which just dropped at select Jordan Brand accounts and retails for $250. Yes that’s more the actual Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” sneaker which drops on December 23rd for $200. If you know a Jordan fanatic, then this could make the perfect Christmas present.

Would you cop the Legend Blue 11 Backpack? Let us know in the comments below.

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legend-blue-air-jordan-11-backpack-columbia-3 legend-blue-air-jordan-11-backpack-Columbia-1

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  • omar najeeb

    The blk n red joint was the worst. This is the worst-point 1.

  • Erosion

    Well the outsole color seems more on point than released shoe. I was on the fence until I saw them on foot. It’s a no-go, and a maybe for the GOF

  • rico strong

    for $250 i hope theres a pair of 11s in it when i open it

  • murcie lago

    Cornball type of shit.

  • murcie lago

    I’m gonna take a picture of just the sole and tell some idiot I got the kicks, charge him $600 and this bag is what they’ll receive.

  • abck

    Whose the dumbass who decided to put the actual shape of the jordan 11 sole in the bottom? Its not symmetrical, it makes what couldve been a decent bag into garbage. Either way for $250 I wouldnt cop.

  • Freezy

    lmao this is terrible

  • these bags are terrible…but not quite as terrible as those Jordan wings hoodies they tried dropping a few years ago