Let’s Discuss How We Really Feel About Entertainer Partnerships With Sneaker Brands

Friday Discussion. Let’s chop it up.

Recently brands have announced partnerships with Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, Gucci Mane, Selena Gomez, Lil Yachty, and the most recent, Yo Gotti. Did I forget anyone?

We all have common sense (most of us), so it’s obvious that brands want to leverage the entertainer’s popularity, reach, and platforms. It’s a business and the bottom line is sales aka money.

However, as of late it seems the entertainer/brand partnership is the new wave. Don’t get me wrong, these type of partnerships aren’t new, but we are seeing more brands depend on them much more as of late.

The past few week I’ve published announcements regarding Rocky, Gucci, Yachty and Gotti. That wasn’t planned by the way, I’m just nice like that. Ha!

But on the real, each announcement post has resulted into interesting dialogue in the comments, so I figured why not create a post where we can all voice our thoughts in one place.

A few questions:

Are you more influenced to buy a product when an entertainer’s name is attached?

With the exception of Kanye West, what’s the best entertainer/brand partnership you’ve seen so far?

What’s the worst entertainer/brand partnership you’ve seen so far?

Do you think brands are being lazy by signing entertainers or smart?

Do you care about these partnerships or just want great product?

Of course you don’t have to answer all the questions. Hell, you don’t have to answer any, but it would be dope and add to the conversation if you share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • theloverswineverytime

    I couldn’t give one-tenth of fuck less than what i already dont give about em.
    Oh but past joints i gotta give a salute to are the RUN-DMC x aDi joints. Got two of those.
    But yeah, the present-day shit can all hang itself w/razor ribbon for all i care.

  • Jay

    As an old school cat who grew up in the sneaker/ urban fashion culture I hate this new wave of “celebrity” co-signs. It’s gotten so far out of hand that friends of celebrities are getting deals just to change a color or draw some pre-school style sketches on the shoes like the cat that did those off whites everyone was hyped about. Shoe companies now make cheap shoes and just throw a whoever is popular name on it or shoot some free pairs to one of these so called fashion taste makers and release them in small numbers to draw up interest. Too me the none of these celeb lines are dope especially the yeezy adidas. When I see these cats trying to squeeze into ugly European clothes wearing the popular limited release sneaker, it definitely let’s me see what shoe I don’t want.

  • sirfresh

    Man I don’t want to hear it 50 jay z and even birdman had a deal once upon a time.They keep giving deals to rappers they are doing something right.

  • sirfresh

    I’m very interested in this under Armor and ASAP Rocky deal tho

  • javi

    But you still end up buying the shoes regardless of what you say hype??

  • curt diggler

    The community that the endorser represents have to look at you as a fly muthafucka, Rappers/celebs have always had awful kicks for the most part. the fly models are few and far between (less than 10 pair and i might be generous). Back in the day your street cred or hustler mentality got you a shoe (jayz, 50, birdman). Nowadays as long as you wear enough gaudy ass gucci or say balenciaga or prada 10 times on a track you are a fashion gawd. The nerds have taken over and this is what happens. We got cats like la puma on platforms when he aint fresh, he just wear anything an artist spoke on with the sneaker of the week according to sneakersites. This is todays blueprint for cool. A damn shame!

  • curt diggler

    and them kicks were all trash. Signing cats like that has always been a money grab from teens and old ass kids.

  • curt diggler

    To stop the madness: when a nerd is talking about how fly something is, ask for a photo and then evaluate why the hell that nerds opinion on freshness should even be heard. When the sneakersites started it was a gift and a curse. folk should have been telling some of these site runners that we dont value your word, your lame. But nope, folks treat alot of sneakersite opinion as gospel. Its time for individuality to return. But to answer the questions G:
    #1. No unless i planned to resell it
    #2. good question, i’ll get back to you on that one….maybe pusha t adidas.
    #3. 2chainz, weekend, meek mill, jay z, birdman, ice cream shits, funk flex, sprewells, kendrick. Im leaving off alot more but they are equally a waste.
    #4. Smart…they selling to the most impressionable consumers (stans/fans)
    #5. Great product.

  • OGedge


  • C Brown

    It’s a tough question because it might be a generational thing more then a sneakerhead thing…i personally don’t care about the celebrity co-sign cause I feel that good product makes all the difference in the world…I’m sorry but dudes who think those clunky Yeezy’s are fresh are clearly just riding for there boy..and I get that…but damn at some point you have to call a spade a spade and let it be known that the product is wack but your supporting your boy…now…the true elephant in the room here is both MJ and the sport atlethe co-sign…you realize that a very LARGE percentage of people today who are into sneakers and the culture…and support Jays…weren’t even around when Mike was doing legendary things in these sneakers…we were sheep cause honestly when you laced some Jays …you truly felt like you could be like Mike…those are cold hard facts…period….in today’s world..if I put on Some Future kicks what’s that going to do for me??? Today’s co-sign becomes about wearing shit that’s rare instead respect the value of the product…Jordan Brand is fighting an up hill battle as they are putting some of the best tech in the market in there numbered Jordans but the kids don’t care they just want retros….so what should they do???? On another note I respect Ronnie for his grind and his hustle but the truth is Ronnie is simply one of the best ID makers out there…all he is doing is color blocking and getting access to different materials…we ALL have that ability everyday via Nike ID…Adidas Mi…NB…so why not take advantage??? Why is he so special?? Cause he mixed pink and blue suede on a mesh toe box??? Again no disrespect to the homie but when I see cats lined up for Kith Sneaker drops I stop and question….last Off White…Virg gets the utmost respect cause he took a bunch of silolutes and remixed them…he took a chance that cats would feel his interpretation and I feel that…he could have taken the Ronnie approach or the Fragment approach or the Atmos approach and just color blocked with some crazy colors and materials but he didn’t…him and Nike took a chance and you have to commend them for that…Yeezy Pharrell and Jeremy Scott also took bold chances…but for some reason the Yeezy effect is so real people refuse to knock it even when he puts out garbage….that I don’t understand….It makes sense that he thinks he’s Yeezus…

  • Mike Bailey


    Them 3rd Kendrick reeboks

    Kanye adidas shoes

    They’re lazy cuz I’d say they aren’t even designing the shoes

    I’d rather a great shoe over whose attached

  • Cinematic Taylor

    It’s cool I respect it but wont be purchasing any entertainers kicks just not me if I never
    got the Sean Carters then nahhhhh… I’m good ????