Li-Ning Brassmonkey Evan Turner All Star

The name of this shoe alone was worth reporting on. But on a serious note, this is Evan Turner’s first Li-Ning signature shoe. The name of the shoe is the Brassmonkey. Here we have a first look at the Li-Ning Brassmonkey All-Star edition, and Evan Turner will unveil the sneaker during 2011 All Star Rookie Challenge.

The Brassmonkey name was inspired by the 1987 Beastie Boys track. Evan will continue to wear his Brassmonkey sneaker during the second half of the NBA season. We will inform you once these shoe hit retailers.

Images: CK

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  • They look like hyperizers

  • kdduncan32

    1st li ning i like

  • usweatmykicks

    why would they make allstar customs for him? is he even going to play in the rookie game? havent been impressed with him at all this year

  • bishopp3000

    the right colorway and these wouldn’t be too bad

  • Jerronimo

    WTF is that?

  • kennyv76

    wrong on so many levels…

  • Snuggles

    I’ve seen this somewhere before….oh yeaaaa, Transformers….

  • They look way more INTERGALACTIC if we were going to be truthfully Beastie about it!

  • kidb4rmlb

    there growing on me

  • Wilbury

    ooohwee. Interesting to say the least.

  • chicodusty

    Now i’ve tried a pair on(the BD doom) and they feel like they would be good to hoop in but they look like??????

  • Furanse

    Where can I get those?