Any Luck With the Off White Nike Release?


The most hyped sneaker collaboration of 2017 is hands down the Off White x Nike collection.

Nike released the collection via its SNKRS app today, and let’s just say a lot of Ls were handed out. However, there’s always a few lucky people who somehow receive the “GOT EM!” message.

So, did you have any luck with any of the releases today?

Let’s talk about our Ls… and victories in the comments.

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  • I’ve never seen sooooooo many Ls in one day. I got excited with the Presto drop, thought I had a pair. Literally screamed “Let’s gooooooo!” when I was finally able to click the Buy Now button… only to take a L. lol

    It started off fun and exciting. Ended with hunger and disappointment.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Now i know why folks have checked-out on Nike altogether & have decided that there are dope shoes from OTHER brands to be had instead of giving these fucking SERPENTS our money. Shit was an absolute joke for the prestos; nothing but “error” msgs until all the pre-selected folks/bots gobbled up all the sizes. At least there was more of a respectable “L” taken on the max ’90 but still a minor hitch on the app before at least making it to the “line” before that “L”.

  • C Brown

    You know whose fault that is G?? Yours….I’m seeing all these post and messages with all these people who are upset…i mean seriously…what did you expect??? The great thing about Yeezy’s is people have started to accept that it’s going to be hard to cop…so if get a pair you get pair…and if you don’t you don’t and you move on….again…too many cats had visions of winning in there heads when they got that tweet this morning…and all that happened was you played yourself….yea I tried…but I caught L’s just like everyone else…difference Is i was expecting it…so no big deal…

  • javi

    You can talk all the shit you want hype but in the end your one of the first ones to give up that money to Nike. That’s what happens when u can’t control your thirst. Your nothing but a fucking hypocrite in the end. You talk shit about a brand then there you are the next day giving that brand your money lol. You should use that money instead to get professional help on that crazy sneaker thirst you got??

  • DJR

    L season over here but Nike definitely should’ve just done raffles via SNKRS for all of these. The whole thing was frustrating because for a lot of them I couldn’t even get in line and one for the ones I did I obviously loss. It’s easier to take an L via raffle than the bs they had going on. I hope this release brings the resell value down because I need the Prestos and J’s.

  • aSh

    Came so close too man times today bro.. With the Prestos I got all the way to “Buy Now”.. Four (4) times.. And then FAIL four (4) times.. lol it hurt… I’m just happy I got the Zoom Flys over the weekend..

  • Congrats! At least you got something.

  • Yeah but I’m not mad like a lot of people. I took my Ls like an adult. It’s all good. I had to try just to see like everyone else. I didn’t go into thinking it was a sure shot I was going to score, but I figured it’s worth the try.

  • It was tough getting in line, but I think this release will def bring prices down a little bit. Just wait it out. You know sneaker people are, these shoes won’t be cool forever.

  • Andy
  • Cinematic Taylor

    Nope. Lol ain’t try forgot about it all but scored some retro jems for the price of a Lrg pizza Lol though.

  • El Fenomeno

    nike need to bring back the dreaded “the draw”, mind you i never won it but it wouldve worked perfectly for this drop. still probably wouldve taken an L. right after the errors with the presto drop, i quit lol and went back to work

  • aSh

    LOL thanks… Unfortunately they run .5 size small… So now I need to find a size swap.. FML

  • “I took my Ls like an adult.” – and that’s even something big Steve needed to be reminded of a few times. The ACRNYM’s were the last time I went crazy and will be the last time I ever get that vocal and visibly upset over a shoe…a shoe man, not even bread or water with a little butter.

    I still got the two pairs I wanted so what was all the antics about prior? Now it’s just take the L and move on. We’ve done this long enough to know THERE WILL ALWAYS be HOT kicks! Always! We can’t get them all.

  • Nike drops like this, with even mildly popular shoes like the AF 1 SF / ACRNYMS etc are impossible on SNKRS. Why would anyone have thought it would have been any different for this collab, if anything, why wouldn’t it be10x as worse? Am I saying take a defeatist, glass half-empty attitude? No.

    I’m simply saying don’t rely on Nike’s app alone and then get pissed when you strike out miserably.

    I got half the collection and not a single one from the app. I didn’t even try. I have deleted and reinstalled that app so many times because it became apparent after maybe striking out for the 10th or 14th time, kinda lost track now, that SNKRS had zero love for me on super hyped releases.

    If Nike properly synced orders from NDC and the app and were actively monitoring how much money I spend on their brand? I would have had the entire collection twice over.

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    Daaaaaamn! Sorry for your loss

  • sirfresh

    Any luck…its more like did god bless you with the off whites today