Macklemore Shows Off Part Of His Sneaker Collection

Macklemore webMacklemore shows us some of his heat!

Everybody knows what Instagram is for, right? Say it with me… STRAIGHT FLEXIN’! This afternoon Macklemore took to IG to show off a particular part of his collection that might make you envy him slightly. It’s no mystery that Macklemore is from Seattle, but apparently that didn’t stop him from showing off the love for his Air Jordan Oregon Ducks sneakers. I’m not sure about you but those White AJ 4s are so clean!


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  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Ol squidward lookin a ss muffukka(redman voice).

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Call me what ya want but this ain’t impressive to me.

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ Agreed, sans the 5’s of course.

  • lol squidward – leave that man alone lol!!! yall seen his Wings video?

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    ^ never seen none of his vids mane.

  • Damn, it really isn’t the shoes………..

  • shazaam

    wtf is this you guys should see the perfect pair on youtube pt 1 and pt 2 this or any guy dunt have nun on tha guy this is horse shii been seen

  • Tha Finest


  • Lem

    @RayP…That Wings video is one of my favorite songs. Real truth in the lyrics.

  • SG

    I bet he has way better things than this..

  • The Hypemachine

    You a hypebeast if you didn’t see that WINGS video – TSG was one of the firsts to post it. Serious Jordan heat in there

  • omar najeeb

    Wut…daphuk…is this dude talkin’ about?!?!

  • Rico Strong

    *yawn* we still giving this hype beast attention? might as well post about bow wow while we at it

  • 23edge

    this post is gay

  • Justin aka not the other Justin

    @23edge….haha, I caught that one

  • rayme

    lol 23edge!!!!

  • The Hypemachine

    Y’all hatin on homie bc he white? That’s effed up. And before Omar got something else to say – please watch that WINGS video. Dude is talented and a real sneaks head unlike… Man nvmind

  • javi

    Who Is This guy?

  • omar najeeb

    Lmao. Hey when it comes to sneaks, I gotta lot to say. Hah
    At least this time u complimentin about the article instead of trollin’ like usual. Macklemore just ain’t my cup-o-tea. Diff ppl, diff taste. That’s allowed right?

  • Macklemore $hittin on alot of ppl. Not Kenny G AKA The Perfect Pair. He’s an Oklahoma casino owner with a dead serious Nike plug. He gets any and every unseen sample he wants. And he buried his late brother’s 160 pair Jordan Collection in his backyard as a Native American ritual. Listen to Shazaam watch the vids on YT!

  • shazaam

    @erosion my dude u right he got straigh fire not like these ppl maclomore who is he nvr even heard abt him! kenny g not that guy has crazy shoe game n futuristic shii!!! like he says wear us sneakers ppl wear your sneakers!!!!!

  • Justin aka “not the other Justin”

    @hypemachine: I’m white, I think Macklemore is kinda corny. I also think Kanye West is corny. Actually, I think most celebs today are corny…but I’m stuck in the 90’s.

    Imagine MJ or Magic instagramming his “fit” or “kicks for the night” or “kickgamecrazy”. Cough, Lebron, cough.

  • elhambone

    it’s the shady-beiber..smh