Major Taylor Nike Blazer Hi Premium

Who is Major Taylor? We’re not asking a question, but that question is seen on insoles. Nike hooks up another Blazer that pays homage to cyclist Major Taylor. This time the Blazer features a laid back colorway compared to the brown and neon version that dropped last year. Round 2 of the Major Taylor Blazers are now up for grabs at a store near you. Thanks Proper

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  • cintownmac


  • 44Caliber

    They look regular, but the lace color is nice.

  • Love the Army green laces and the green on the bottom, that really sets this shoe off. Clean!

  • CenValCali

    Switch the laces to sunset orange &
    it’ll be a Blazer version of the Macaroni
    Penquins via Puma/Atmos.

  • These are nice, but I don’t care for the gray on the top side. It would have been better off solid black. The laces and the orange logo on the tongue set it off. However, these are better than the pair of blazers in the first Major Taylor Pack. G-Roc, what does the insole look like? Any illustrations or logos?